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Welcome to the home of erotic historical time travel romance author

Jenn LeBlanc! 


I write impossible stories that are full of possibility

(and a whole lot more than kissing) 

I’m here to change your heart.







(reading order)

The Rake and The Recluse

The Duke and the Baron (can be read completely separate)

The Duke and The Domina

The Trouble With Grace

The Spare and The Heir

The Sadist and The Stolen Princess


All books can be read out of order (just know the previous couples will appear)

EXCEPT The Trouble With Grace and The Spare and The Heir — they are a DUET

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Cover for Books six in the Lords of Time illustrated series The Sadist and The Stolen Princess



The Trouble With Grace


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The Spare and The Heir : Calder




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RITA – award winning author of The Saint,
Tiffany Reisz: 
“So effing sexy—I want my own personal Warrick. We can share corsets.”
—On The Duke and The Domina : The Ruination of Grayson Danforth
USA Today bestselling author, 
Jess Michaels:
“What did I love about The Duke and the Baron? Everything. It’s romantic, so sexy, and utterly unique in all the best ways.”
New York Times bestselling author,
Cathy Maxwell: 
“Intriguing. Sensual. Complicated with all those things we call love. And completely original.”
—On the Duke and The Baron : Absolute Surrender

USA Today bestselling author,
Delilah Marvelle: 
“The Rake and The Recluse is everything you could possibly want in a romance. Witty, sensual, and just downright fantastic.”
—On The Rake and The Recluse : a Tale of Two Brothers


Kati on Amazon: 
“If you’re looking for a book that will make you think, make you laugh, make you sigh, and make you giggly in your silly bits, pick up a copy of Absolute Surrender today. A beautifully crafted romance that defies everything you would expect in a historical romance.”
Kati at Romancing Rakes:
“1 Part Outlander+ 1 Part Jane Eyre= Me, Lost in LeBlanc™
I spent a week (yes, A WEEK) on this book. It might be mostly due to the fact that I flipped through it 8 times just drooling over the pictures. Within those 8 flip throughs, I read the story. The concept is GENIUS! I mean, who hasn’t wanted to know exactly what the author sees when she’s writing her book? Who hasn’t wondered what the hero REALLY looks like? Well, wonder no more. Ms. LeBlanc takes us into her vision, complete with pictures.”
Aislynn at Stitch – Read – Cook:
“This is a drool worth novel – in so many ways.  Jenn LeBlanc is an absolutely fabulous photographer and a phenomenal writer.  This books showcases both her talents.. The cherry on top of this story – a sexy male lead who just oozes sensuality – both in photographs and in the written word.”
Melissa at Sizzling Hot Books:
“The pictures ramp up the sexy and help the reader burn! While historical books are not usually my cup of tea, I found that I couldn’t stop reading The Rake and the Recluse. Each page drew me in closer to the characters and made me want to read more! If you like action packed historicals with a twist, The Rake and the Recluse is for you!”
Book Savvy Babe
“The Rake and the Recluse is brilliant and beautiful, a historical romance novel that should not be missed.”
Tracy for Book Binge
“It’s really quite a lovely love story when you get down to the nitty gritty. Francine and Gideon, the Duke, had a wonderful romance and I loved seeing Gideon becoming the man I think he was meant to be. He truly blossomed with Francine and I loved seeing that.”
Queen B
“…Now our hero, Gideon, was delightful. He started off so starched and stuffy and damaged and reserved, but once he gave over to love, he held nothing back. He seemed to love as fearlessly as any warrior fights a battle. His interactions with his little brother were just fabulous to read. I loved them both.”
Cate on  Goodreads
C“Perry’s amazing. Normally I go for the dark and broody like Gideon, but something about Perry gripped me from his first entrance into the story. He’s hilarious, he’s sexy, and he’s wild. His relationship with Lilly adds more depth to his character than I ever expected, and by the end of TRATR, I was in love with him. I want my own Perry.”
Reading Romances
“All the parts of this novel were so captivating and impressive not only for the gorgeous illustrations, but the delicious writing. The format left me expecting the next pictures, which was a nice touch to the story.”


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