This has been a busy busy year. Though I believe my bank account would snicker at that. I have been shooting like mad, mostly because I love it, because freelance photojournalism for newspapers around here barely pays for gas. Unfortunately I am addicted.

I have been shooting a great deal of other stuff too however, Fallon’s prom, Weston beach in California, Seattle, Kansas, and some great macro images (oo that sounded a touch pompous) that I’ve done locally. I am fond of the abstract and have been toying with that more lately for the shows that have been going up. The current show is for Iris and it is at Cafe 13 in Golden, CO (1301 Arapahoe) Iris : 3 will be up through October and includes four of the ladies from the agency with all new works:
Alisa Mokler Harper
Heather A. Longway
Johanna Snow
and me.

I am working on hanging another show at Violet 14th and Larimer in downtown Denver, and the majority of that show is abstract as it is based entirely in the theory of color as content. The opening will be October 16, so stay tuned for more info, and hopefully Adam Goldstein will be performing as well. (woo hoo Adam!)

I also completed my first novel in May. Who knew someone who was irked by writing as much as a caption could finish a cohesive 156,000 word story?

So I leave you with a little image I made at the zoo last week. Just for fun.

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