I heart strangers

I had a busy day today, woke up at nine, read a book until 10:30, went to lunch…see where this is going? Lunch was wonderful with some bestest buddies at The Fainting Goat, (have you seen Fainting Goats? <- Dirty Jobs clip just in case.) which was good, I showed M her wedding pictures (NO I do NOT shoot weddings, ok I do, but not often and I know peeps who do it better), and had their awesome Corned Beef sliders. Yummmay.

Anywhoo, after lunch I had an appointment with the business peeps at the Denver Public Library to help me with the numbers research for my business plan. (like all the links? Just attmepting to be helpful) I was parking- for FREE, thank you Columbus for that, and was hurrying as an RTD was bearing down in me in the CJ, so I jumped the curb a tad just to get out of the way, shut her off and noticed a guy looking my way. I am used to getting looks from strangers when I drive my Jeep. It is not the typical vehicle for someone like me. But as my buddy Barry pointed out this afternoon, I am a bit odd.  I can’t remember the exact word he used, crazy? odd? off? weird? different? Not sure, but it is all the same to me, and I wear my craziness as a badge of honor. I don’t generally cede to popular trends or beliefs or opinions or, well, anything.

Anywhoo, he introduced himself and asked to take my picture for his project. Now how can I, as a shooter with many projects of my own, deny the request of another shooter. Can’t do it, no matter how off it seems. Can’t do it. My biggest thing is the promotion and proliferation of the art and craft of photography and the photographers obsessed with it.

Ask me who to get for your wedding, I’ll tell you, need a birth photographer? Know that one too, funeral? Got one for you, sports? I know several, location commercial? Yep. Events? Covered. Documentary work? Who to choose, tell me more about what you need. Yep I am that girl, the shooters hook-up. Whatever it is you need, I know a shooter for you. May not be me, in fact if I know someone else better suited to the job I’ll throw their name out before I take the gig. That is how I am. I love my people.

Yet I digress, again. So this guy, Joshua, who I thought was annoyed at my curb jumping was out to get my picture. Fine, OK, I’ll do it. He was really nice. 400 days of shooting a stranger, EVERY SINGLE DAY. WOW, that is impressive, that is fantastic and awesome. Chatting up strangers, simply because you love it. I am impressed. Even as a journalist there are days when I don’t want to approach a stranger for their info, but it is my job to do it (if I wear that hat that day) and here is this guy is doing it because he loves it, he was genuine and sweet, and seriously, I don’t think I have said my age out loud in years, but I did. Anyway. Kudos to you for doing it just because it is what you do. His website is www.IHeartStrangers.com check it out, and look me up for todays date.

I am forever Miss 10/12/09 on I Heart Strangers. Yay me.

OH! I need an image here…so since I spoke of my beast, I’ll give you a picture of her, well the custom painted hood anyway. Done by Mari Geolfos.


©2009 Jenn LeBlanc

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