Blog blogging…

Two fantastic blogs from today, I couldn’t say it better myself.

The first is reasons you should hire (ME) a photojournalist, the second something every photojournalist worth their salt must contend with, and how one who is worth (more than) his salt did.

Five reasons you should hire a photojournalist

Matthew Jonas, photojournalist

and now for an image…

©2009 Jenn LeBlanc

©2009 Jenn LeBlanc

P.S. just in case you aren’t aware, I don’t do photoshop beyond color correction (Not to be confused with color manipulation) Unless it is a commercial shoot (lights and sets).  What you see in my images, is what my lens saw before my eye. In fact, I very rarely, if ever, even crop.

P.P.S. the reception for my new color series at Violet is tonight. Wish me luck!

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