Field of nightmares.

I was checking out a fellow photojournalists’ blog and it brought back some pretty great (and timely) memories, though at first I thought it was going to be some snarky post about Monty Python from the title (and I have Python on the brain due to a marathon in IFC right now):

Chip Litherland – Bring out your dead

I am so with you on this one Chip. I shot a haunted house a couple years ago, did the walkthrough before it opened, sans actors. I was shooting down a metal corrugated tunnel about 6′ in diameter at the reporter and ‘tour guide’ at the other end (nice red backlight eh!) when a chainsaw zombie came out from a door next to the tunnel. Of course he smiled, but it was too late, I was already screaming bloody-murder and running willy nilly down the corrugated tunnel. I only made it halfway before ending up on the ground laughing uncontrollably at my assininity with the chainsaw zombie apologizing incessantly.

Unfortunately it’s all true, the reporter captured it on his voice recorder, then replayed it in the newsroom. Several times. The chainsaw dude was mortified. My gear survived. I walked with a limp for days, since I landed with a camera in each hand up in the air. (screw my back, save the cameras!)

My only other serious injury to date was at a Roller Derby, and that one required surgery to repair. So I actually consider myself to be lucky. You never really consider the dangers of this profession, until it is too late, which brought me to a second photojournalists blog today:

Matthew Jonas – Sideline Dangers

Coincidentally, the first time I was run over on assignment it was for Jonas at The Met, and I had no idea basketball players were that big.

I have never, and will never return to a haunted house. My gear couldn’t take it.

©2006 Jenn LeBlanc

©2006 Jenn LeBlanc

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