Absentee blogging

I must apologize for my extensive absence this month, but along with all of my usual photographic exploits I have endeavored to write a 50,000 word novel for National Novel Writing Month. As some of you know, I completed my first novel last May and have been obsessing over editing it since then. I decided this was the perfect way to start on a new one, which happens to be a sequel to the first.

This is quite the departure from my usual modus operandi, as I have never written more than a 1,500 word blurb for the newspapers I have worked for. I blame it on Facebook, twitter and chatting, that my fingers can finally keep up with my brain as it considers all the options, because I have always wanted to write a book, but could never get past the mind-typing speed barrier.

My first novel started with a sentence that came to me in a dream. It is now the first sentence of the novel, which I am editing down from 156K words (apparently too long for any publisher) read: NEWBIE.

So there is my excuse. As of today I am at 41,071 of 50K and the dead is the 30th of November.

Check out my profile for NaNoWriMo and donate to the cause if you are able.

Since I am a photographer, and this is technically a photo blog (not a writing blog) I leave you with an image having nothing to do with my book, but everything to do with how I feel about writing at times.

© Jenn LeBlanc

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