I like the abstract. I used to like highly detailed, perfectly focused, tack sharp images. Now I tend to prefer the odd, strange, unrecognizable images born from natural objects. I like to get in there, show a landscape that nobody ever thought was there. Right there, in front of you, waiting to be seen and yet ignored, unnoticed.

That is what I like.

©2009 Jenn LeBlanc

©2009 Jenn LeBlanc

©2009 Jenn LeBlanc

Perhaps it is a revolt against the reality that is photojournalism right now. Perhaps it is the way my mind reconciles the blatant reality of my documentary images with what I see in my mind. Perhaps.

The Washington Times slashed their staff. The entire photo department is gone. GONE. What now? Not a single professional photojournalist on staff. NONE. So, amidst an industry that is bleeding profusely from the eyeballs, the biggest victims of the bloodletting my friends and colleagues, the visual journalist, I do need to get out and see. To see a different world, a different landscape. One where all this doesn’t exist.

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