Professional photography

One of the necessities as an author is a website, and one of the requirements of an author’s website is a photograph of said author. (not to mention the obligatory head-shot for the dust cover of the published novel) The difficulties in having my portrait done as a photographer myself are varied and nerve-wracking. When you live on the other side of the lens, the flip side is just not a comfortable place to be. So when my dear friend Barry Gutierrez mentioned my need for a portrait I jumped at the chance to stand in front of his lens. He is one of the most talented photographers I have the pleasure of knowing, and he is an amazing person on top of that.

I spent a couple hours with Barry today, and came away with the most amazing portraits I could ever ask for. He is so talented when it comes to lighting and setting and I felt completely comfortable, for the most part. Whenever I got the heebie-jeebies about staring down the barrel of that big ol’ lens of his he was right with me, breaking my tension and bringing me back to earth. It was absolutely wonderful, really, and though I had difficulties being excited about the images at the time, I am excited, very excited. I love the portraits.

Let’s be honest, I am not a model. I am a mother of four who spends most of her time being worried about those around her. So my appearance? Not much of an issue in daily life. Make-up?  Not so much, because it ends up on the back of my camera, and my face just looks smudged. My long hair? Usually up in a knot out of the way so I can see through my lens, make my images, crawl around on the floor and not get my hair in the picture or caught in something around me. That is who I am, and I am totally comfortable with it. In general, however, this isn’t a portrait anyone wants to see and scaring the wits out of people inside the jacket of a romance novel is ill-advised. Hence, the portrait.

Barry was so patient and kind, I just can’t speak enough to his work-ethic. Really, if you need a portrait, an event covered, a wedding photographer call him. Did I mention he won a Pulitzer Prize for his work with the Rocky Mountain News? He is one seriously talented individual. OK I’ll stop talking about Barry, but seriously, if you were me and just came home with photographs of yourself that looked this good, you would be ecstatic as well. Really, it was one of those moments.

So Barry: Thank you thank you thank you. You made my little author website prettier, and a little bit more complete. I can’t even begin to tell you what that means to me. That and the kiwi.

Photograph by Barry Gutierrez

This is what we in the industry call an “out”. Also known as out-take, a reject, or not the chosen one. But I love it, and I think it speaks to how much fun I had, even while my nerves were hopping and I wanted to grab his camera and run. (He has a really nice camera) Just kidding!

Barry! I’m happy.

One Response to “Professional photography”
  1. Melinda says:

    Hey…you stole my ridiculous portrait face!!!


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