Locks, shocks and smoking barrels…

The first studio shoot for my novel was easy. (I’m already laughing at  that…but oh well). The second was just plain fun. The third was a fiasco of epic proportions and the fourth was fan-freaking-tastic. One of the the things about models and studio, no, scratch that. One of the things about female models and studio is the necessity for making said model pretty(er). Hopefully you have something to start with as I did. A beautiful girl is so wonderful to work with.

I had a few issues finding a makeup artist (MUA) and hairstylist. It’s difficult when you make arrangements for things and they choose to try to get something from you at the last minute. Sometimes however what we get in return is kismet. I lost one MUA who changed the terms of our agreement at the eleventh hour, only to replace her with the most wonderful and amazing artist. I could not have asked for a more perfect person for this job. Monika Graf has a theatrical background and is familiar with the Victorian period.

Miss Cora has enviable hair. Long, thick and beautiful and quite impossible to style. Monika managed to tame her hair to her bidding making the most beautiful victorian updo of spiraling locks I could have hoped for. When we had to re-shoot a week later she returned, and this time she brought even stronger product to mold Cora’s hair into two beautiful looks. Cora, a naturally beautiful girl, was beyond stunning and fit the look of the era to perfection. On top of it all when we tied up our sweet Miss Cora, Monika shocked me by offering to add the rope burns. It was the coup de gråce, nobody else would suffice.

I made a couple headshots for Monika á la, Edward Scissorhands meets Hair. She was such a great sport, excellent personalty, strong work ethic and talent for miles and miles. I hope to be blessed enough to work with her again and again on this project, and others.

One Response to “Locks, shocks and smoking barrels…”
  1. Cora says:

    love Love LOVE Monika!!!!


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