My Inner Geek

I am a geek.

geek |gēk|noun informal
1. an unfashionable or socially inept person.• [with adj. ] a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest :a computer geek.
2. a carnival performer who does wild or disgusting acts.

Er…let me clarify. I am the second half of definition one of geek. As well as occasionally the first half. Never the second definition. Ever.

OK, so I am a geek. i don’t just love things, I LOOOVE things. Photography —for example— U2 for another, Jeeps (too obvious?) Canon cameras, medium format transparencies, Firefly, Star Wars, Lost Boys. My geekdom with Lost Boys runs deep. I saw it in the theater when I was in high school, the same year (incidentally) that U2 rocked McNichols Arena with their Joshua Tree tour. (That would have been 11-07-1987, and they filmed it for Rattle and Hum, yes I was there)

Anywhooo, back in the day movies didn’t come out on video a couple months after departing the big screen, we often had to wait YEARS to see it again, and more often it came out on TV first full of edits and commercials. I still have (I know I already said this in the SF post) the vinyl and cassette of the soundtrack, as well as my VHS version. Loved this movie. Love loved LOOOOVED.

So I find myself cruising the Cabrillo Highway in California for ten days and no particular schedule. Hmmm. Murder capital of the world anyone?
Yes please. Santa Cruz is amazing. If I were a teenager and had any control of my family I would move them to Santa Cruz for my years of teenaged debauchery. It is the perfect venue for this teenaged vamp movie, teenagers everywhere. Actually it’s rare to see actual adults who aren’t working in a restaurant. The city is full of teenagers, —unsupervised teenagers— even in the dead of night. And it really isn’t the murder capital of the world, and didn’t want to be known as such which is why the city requested they not use the name, and so Santa Carla was born.

Hubband and I explored the boardwalk where the vamps ruled, and the wharf where Max’s video store and the restaurant where they dined was located. I went *squee* and he went to the arcade to play QBert and Donkey Kong. I returned to Santa Cruz after I dropped him off at the airport and spent the night, returning to the boardwalk and arcade to shoot. When I drove back through Santa Cruz  I decided to hunt down some of the lesser known venues, and tracked down the grandfather’s house in the Pogonip wilderness. I had to walk half a mile to get to it on a steep uphill grade, but it was worth it to stand in grandpa’s front yard. Yes it was.

Did I mention…I am a geek. So now…pictures.

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4 Responses to “My Inner Geek”
  1. Mmmm, taffy. Apparently I need to check out this movie.


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