It takes alot for me to be thoroughly impressed with a company. I mean, nothing must go wrong. So when I say I am thoroughly impressed with MOO I kid you not, they did a damn good job, at every single thing they did. At this point I don’t remember how I heard of Moo, but I ended up there on May 1st, checking out their products.

The first thing to attract me was that in a pack of 100 cards every single card can have a different image. This isn’t really practical, but the way I will use it is this: I have different hats. One does editorial, one does fashion and modeling portfolios, one does fine art, one does event, one NEVER does weddings (unless you are one of the select few, but that is altogether another story). That’s five different kinds of me, and I would like my business cards to reflect that. I don’t want to hand a business card with a half naked model to a high profile editorial client. I also don’t want to hand a card with a breaking news image to a model who needs head shots and boudoir style portfolio images. A month down the road when they go cleaning out that pile of junk and find my card, I want it to continue to be a statement of who I am.

Another thing I like to do at gallery openings is hand out limited edition mini-prints, these cards are high enough quality that I would use them for that, and have the bonus of the second side for professional-looking contact information. That brings me to the second thing that attracted me to Moo, second side full-color printing at no additional cost. Right? Hello? SOLD. At least until I get them and they look crappy, or the ink rubs off on my hands (I’m looking at you UPrinting) Here’s the bonus, 10 free business cards, and when I say free I mean 100% free, no shipping, no handling no nothing. Upload 10 images, and get 10 cards. Now this is an amazing thing because you can proof the images you would like to use on your cards, not to mention just checking out the cards at no expense. Done deal.

May 8, I received my two little packages from Moo, one week. ONE WEEK. No special handling, no expedited shipping, no additional fees. One week. I opened the packages to find the cutest little presentations I have seen in a long time. Great packaging, great enclosures, great examples and the printing was to die for gorgeous. My images were stunning, stellar, spot-on perfect. Hello perfectionista, these were perfect. The card stock is heavy and feels good, not to mention that it is paper sourced from sustainable forests, and they have green stock available as well. Get out. No really GET OUT.

The one thing I would do differently is to adjust my design parameters for the logo, 8pt. white on black was too small, and I knew it probably would be when I designed it but I wanted to push the limits and see what would happen. It is perfectly legible, just a little bleed happening is all. Other than that. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, beautiful cards. They do my work justice. One thing about the free cards, they put a little advert of their own up one side, on the image side of the card, it simply says Business Cards by Whatever, the cards are still brilliant, and they are perfect for checking out.

I ordered some mini-cards as well, little snippets to catch the eye. LOVE them. LOVE. Did I mention? I really kinda have a soft spot for these little cards. Same deal, separate images on every card, two sided color printing, great packaging. I also purchased a keyring for the minicards, the pink thing you see here. Hope you check them out, they are a London Company, but the cards are printed, packed and shipped form Rhode Island. Questions? Let me know. You’ve got my number.

Here are some pics:

3 Responses to “MOO”
  1. Cora Kemp says:

    I love the little ones. Amie raved about Moo as well … I think Lawton has mentioned them too. I am getting some of the little ones to hand out my website on for people at weddings etc. – I’m just waiting to run out of my current cards. Love all your images though.


  2. Jenn says:

    Maybe that is where I heard of them! No idea, my brain comes and goes. 🙂


  3. Dizzle says:

    Pretty sure I was raving about my Moo cards on CO4x4 a while back and you said you wanted to check them out. They are great huh? I LOVE mine!!! I do a batch about every 3-4 months and change the images for the seasons (football, baseball…holidays).

    The quality is just top notch!!!!

    Glad you love them as much as I do!


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