Everything’s coming up Rosie

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

I had a studio shoot this evening for this awesome good vs. evil triptych composite I am working on with a new model. It looks to be alot of fun. My usual AD was out of town (she moved to London, how terribly inconvenient!) So I called in one of my besties to stunt double. She said @EmptySmith: looking forward to playing Jay Manuel to @JennLeBlanc ‘s Nigel Barker tonight. I LOVE IT! Fantastic. She is a photographer in her own right so I think she has a great eye for what I needed.

OK, on to the Rosie’s, Lucy has a petit houseguest, her Mom’s 6lb. chihuahua. Now, I haven’t ever really liked little dogs, last one I was around was hanging off my neck like a vampire bat. I have great danes, opposite end of the spectrum. Little dogs kinda freak me out, but this little Rosie is truly precious, she isn’t an ankle biting obnoxious little monster like so many little dogs I’ve met. She was a great little studio mutt. When we finished with the regular shoot we put her in the spotlight and I got some cute little images of her with Lucy, aka Melinda, aka her Jay Manuel to my Nigel Barker.

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

One Response to “Everything’s coming up Rosie”
  1. E. Brown says:

    First! (always wanted to be the DB that did that). Check that off the Bucket-List.


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