©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

I am working with a model on a shoot for his portfolio, he wanted to create composite images representing what he calls “The fight within.” I enjoy doing composite work and that benefits me because the majority of photographers don’t do their own extensive post-production work. In this business it is common to be be either a photographer or a designer or a photoshop guru, but there are some of us who do all of the above, and do it well.

Some say they are able to do the work, but in reality, it isn’t the quality you expect or your money deserves. I don’t do constructs or extreme Photoshop work, in other words I don’t create things in Photoshop that don’t exist somehow in real life, in front of my lens. I simply change the things in front of my lens to appear the way they need to for the image.

Keep in mind this is all strictly creative work. I adhere to the NPPA Code of Ethics when it comes to my editorial and documentary work. Any photo illustrations I make are clearly marked as such, or obviously so.

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

2 Responses to “Versus”
  1. enbrown says:

    Damn fine work, LeBlanc.


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