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Boom operations in Cotton Bayou and Bayou Saint John. The white boom is called sorbent boom and is dragged behind the boats with pompoms attached that collect any surface oil. The different colors of boom are for different types of water, and use, but every boom has universal attachments so they can be linked without problems, regardless of manufacturer.  Vehicles of Opportunity drag boom back and forth across the inlets to different areas to prevent as much contamination into the bayous and harbors as possible. The brown discoloration in the water is not oil but tannins which are eaten by the local fish and important to the habitat.

Photo by: Jenn LeBlanc/Iris Photo Agency

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  1. […] sand on the beach right outside the large resort. On the western edge of the island, filler from sorbent boom was washing ashore, making the sand spongy and difficult to walk on. Orange Beach also had a sand […]


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