Thoughts on a disaster trip

1. Know who you are going with

2. Know how much crap to take

3. Never underestimate your budget

4. Always have a plan

5. Always be flexible with your plan

6. Know what you need and make sure you have several opportunities to get it

7. Be prepared

8. Be very prepared

9. Expect the worst

10. Know your most efficient workflow

11. Don’t forget that you are prepared

12. Don’t forget what you are there to do

13. Every McDonald’s and Starbucks has free wifi

14. Make contacts along the way

15. Work constantly. If you are driving you should be following leads, verifying appointments and information and speaking with people

16. Make sure you will have coverage or make arrangements to have coverage

17. Work constantly

18. Be prepared

19. Breathe


20. have a fabulous support system back home, be it for long distance critiques or rationalism, have a list of people who know what you are doing and are willing to take your call for any reason, any time.

21. What Cora said.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on a disaster trip”
  1. ohpinon says:

    21. What Cora said


  2. Cora says:

    20. Always have some one (or 5 someones) to call when you need to vent =)


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