Returning to the Gulf

I will be returning to the Gulf of Mexico August 4-10, one month after the original trip for Gulf Oil Coverage.

There were some stories I saw, that I couldn’t chase, and some images I needed I was unable to get.

So here I go.

Here are a few of the images from the last trip, though the full stories are on the Gulf Oil Coverage website, as well as further down in my posts here.

Workers use shovels to gather and scoop the orange gooey mousse into plastic bags to be hauled to the local trash dump. Night operations on Long Beach in Long Beach and Pass Christian started July 7, 2010 and this was the third consecutive night o work in the same area. The workers are tired but in good spirits, but they are not allowed to speak with us. They work hard until someone comes and tells them to stop for a break or a shift change. They keep going.Working on the seemingly endless piles of oil that come ashore with the tide.

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I look forward to the trip, and to bringing these stories to you.


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