The EPUB version of my novel on iPad is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Oh my stars I’m excited. Especially after seeing the kindle preview. (sorry about that whiny post)

Anywhoo! I am thrilled by the look of the novel on the iPad the color plates are stunningly beautiful, the text flows perfectly, the layout is almost perfect, I just love it. I will be thrilled to upload it to the app store once I get my permission from Apple to play. (waiting…waiting…tappping finger, toes and noses!)

Until then here is one of the plates iPad style:

the rake and the recluse, page samples, ipad, full color, epub

Every time I look at this image I’m reminded of one of my favorite shows. Firefly, in the episode titled “Shindig” Captain Mal and Kaylee go to a fancy shindig (duh) and Kaylee gets a huge frou frou dress. She says “Yes sir Capt’n tightpants!” HA! Love it. Because these pants? They were tight. Super tight.

Oh I’m sorry, would you like to see that image a bit BIGGER?!?! Just rotate!

the rake and the recluse, page samples, ipad, full color, epub

As always, the true version is so much prettier than my cell phone picture of my iPad on my lap. 😉 hee hee.

My daughter (who is more tech savvy than I as it pertains to iPad, since she has an iPod Touch) showed me how to do a screenshot…so updated images!! WOOT WOOT!

These are screenshots taken from my iPad. How cool is THAT!?!?!

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