DRM (or…the devil)

There are so many debates about DRM (digital rights Management) and eBook pricing that I have to say a couple things about my novel.

It is a digital book only (there is a Limited Edition print version…but the cost is astronomical because of all the illustrations). I have thought a great deal about all the work I’ve put into illustrating this thing, (not to mention the writing of it,) and I have come to a couple conclusions.

  1. I am basically a one man band. Sure I called in pinch hitters where it counted, copy-edits, photo editor, designer, but overall this thing is all me.
  2. I am not paid to do this. This was not funded by anyone but me.
  3. I also hate DRM.
  4. I hate hypocrites.

That being said, after reading Jane’s post on pricing and value I sat down and really considered what I needed to do. The facts are the facts. You get what you pay for.

My novel, fully illustrated designed proofed and created for the digital format will not have DRM.

In consideration of the extras my book includes, (there will be versions with additional images galleries and screensavers, possibly even access to the gallery of studio outs which are just too darn funny not to share) my starting price point is $18.99. I will have sales and discounts and the like, but looking at what you typically get for your reader, and what I am giving this seems fair. Additionally, if you prefer a cheap alternative, the novel is for sale over at Amazon for Kindle for $9.99 and will also be available at Barnes and Noble in the same format. That version doesn’t have all the images, it has no color, no extras to speak of— just the book and a few illustrations.

Honestly, it isn’t very pretty. It actually makes me sad, but those are the rules set for publishing via kindle (and the limitations from Barnes and Noble). It is what it is. My AD has a Kindle, she very much prefers the PDF version to the Kindle version, even though resizing isn’t there with the PDF. So there are still options for Kindle and Nook users!

So there it is. My hope is that with all of the extra content you are receiving, and you will have true ownership of the novel, that you will pay a higher price point than is looking standard for ebooks.

But I don’t want to use DRM. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, I want to believe.

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