Courtesan’s Kiss — Mary Blayney

“In the wake of a broken engagement and shunned by the ton, Mia Castellano does not retire to the country, as a proper young lady might, but sees her chance to escape society’s restraints—by becoming a courtesan. In her mind, no unmarried young woman is as free as a courtesan. She alone controls her destiny: managing her own money, having her own house, choosing her lovers. There’s only one obstacle in Mia’s path—Lord David Pennistan. 

As a favor to his brother, Lord David agrees to escort Mia to his family’s home in Derbyshire, where her guardian awaits. Mia attracts nothing but trouble from the outset of their journey, yet with every adventure they share, Lord David’s desire for his charge grows. When they’re caught in a compromising situation, Lord David insists that she marry him. But there’s only one thing Mia wants from David, and it isn’t his charity or his title. Can he convince her before it’s too late that the love she wants is already hers—to take or to lose forever? Can he win more from this untamed beauty than just a courtesan’s kiss?”

Courtesan's KissThis book was enjoyable and I really like to write my reviews right after reading as my brain is quite adept at moving on to the next best thing —oo shiny!!!— yes like that, I need to write it for the third time. I wrote it, but my iPad didn’t update it, and (yes stupidly) rewrote it and once again, well here we are. So let’s see if I can remember what I wanted to say.

This book is a solid 3…3.54978265

I really liked these characters. I loved that she managed to get his character across primarily from her thoughts on his actions as opposed to his internal maundering which can be SO popular with romance novels. It was refreshing not to hear from him for a good part of the beginning of the novel except very briefly.

I quite enjoyed this story. The thing that dropped the rating to a three, for me, was what seemed like an uncomfortable…coupling. Yes. The sex, after all of the sex talk in this book, what with the courtesan obsession and the house they stayed in, etcetera, I expected MORE from the sex scene. I’m not saying length or breadth I’m saying depth and scope. (let the giggles commence) Now back to it. With all the emotion roiling through these two their coupling ended up being a bit of a disappointment, There was so much riding on it that when all was said and done, it felt more like a yadda yadda yadda.

Now, I did not throw the book across the room —after all I was reading on my iPad— but I wouldn’t have anyway. What I DID however do was drop the book to the bed with a loud “What the french TOAST!!” Yeah, I did.

One other thing that bothered me was the confusing beginning, I understand (NOW) that this is part of a series and others will know the multitude of names thrown around, but I did not and it made for some very confusing moments after which I simply moved on and hoped it didn’t matter. Ultimately it didn’t, which was nice, but then why bother to begin with. On the flip side of that it does get annoying when you read a series and the first chapter is all rehash and you HAVE read the previous books. So it’s really a fail/fail situation for the most part.

Anywhoo. Liked it, a lot. Didn’t want to throw it across the room, no eye rolls and only one french toast. Recommended.

I received this ebook on loan from the Denver Public Library

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