Harper’s Bride — Alexis Harrington

“A lovely lady and her young daughter are offered up as payment to a hardened prospector by a beleaguered, indebted husband. But what is considered a practical payoff soon becomes a passionate romance, as the woman discovers a warm heart behind the prospector’s cold exterior. And when the deadbeat dad returns to collect what he feels is rightfully his their lives will change forever!”
Harper's BrideA lovely story, I enjoyed the journey both characters made in getting to their HEA. The end got a bit frustrating with the ‘stuff’ that we all know won’t ultimately keep them apart, but only belays the inevitable. I think that’s why this was closer to a 3.5 for me. I just really hate when there is more internal waffling than there really needs to be.

We heard all the arguments throughout the book, so by the end it gets to be an ‘OKAY! I GOT IT! They’ll never be together! SURPRISE ME! ugh.’

I actually glazed over the last 20 pages or so because I wasn’t interested, and the little wrench she tried to toss in at the end didn’t fool me either, she had us believing Harper to be a strong, noble, upstanding man, why would she then try to convince us he wasn’t? If she had done her job to begin with (which she did) we wouldn’t believe it (which I didn’t) and the only outcome to that is: an eye roll.
However, that being said, I would read this again. I really came to like both of the main characters, I enjoyed the interplay between them and the baby involved. I don’t think I’ve read a romance with a baby involved before the fact. So that was intriguing, and while it could have gone very much awry, it didn’t. I understand that for some there is a bit of the oogies with the whole breastfeeding scenario, but I thought it was beautifully written here.
So overall enjoyable. Didn’t toss it across the room, rolled my eyes only once, and no WTFckry.

I received this book on loan through Nook (for iPad) from Kristi Taylor of Red Chair Literary Services –  @ChikBQuick

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