Please release me…set me free…

It’s release week again, YAY!

Let me explain, the digital release was February 10, and the release next week is for the print book, which was never going to be a possibility. However, due to popular demand, there is now a trade paperback. The cost of printing an illustrated trade novel is a bit more than everyone would like, so I have it priced at the lowest possible cost, and I can’t discount it. Not even for release week. SO.

Ebook sale!! That’s right, to celebrate the release of the trade and limited edition full-color hardback, the EBOOK is now on sale! Exciting right?

Well I thought so anyway. So the party is next Friday (woot) and my first appearance and your first chance to get a set of trading cards (not to mention I have a couple ARCs of the trade I can sell) is tomorrow. The ebook goes on sale right about…NOW!

60% off all ebook purchases from this site,

Changed my mind.

70% off all eBook purchases (EPUB or PDF) from this site now through April 15!

AAAANND the trade edition and limited edition will be discounted AT the party.

coupon code is PARTY!!

The code will expire shortly after the party next Friday.

ALSO!! The first chance to get a set of trading cards is tomorrow!! If you are in the neighborhood come see me at an art sale. More info on my Facebook page, are you a fan yet?

Rollercoaster brake released. Here we go…

And because it is illustrated, I suppose I’ll share an image with you. Is this one in the final trade book? I’m not sure. I guess you can find out! EEEEP!!


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