Last Friday was my book release party at the Denver Press Club. It was so fantastic. Carmen and the crew made it a wonderful time, the drunken pears from Kenn at A Man of All Seasons catering were just to DIE for good, and so many people came out to help me celebrate and buy me out of books. Yep, sold out of hardcopies. But….it is soooo pretty. So very very pretty.

Saturday I took Derek (a.k.a. my muse…a.k.a. the lead in my book) to the studio just to have a bit of fun. His momma drove all the way from Sheridan, WY for the party so we brought her along for the crazy ride that is studio. It was…well, studio always is an incredibly good time. We flew solo, except for my Auberry standing as A.D. We used whatever we had available, which was lots of green stripes. It worked well since Derek dyed his hair green and platinum just for the shoot, which was just for us to goof off.

We sure do get it done when we goof though.

I can’t say enough about this guy.

Here are a few previews.


Model Portfolio Derek Hutchins

Model Portfolio Derek Hutchins

Model Portfolio Derek Hutchins

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