The Rake and the Recluse Playlist

Due to popular demand here is the playlist with a few footnotes 😉

And a link to most of it HERE

None of these fit into the timeline of the story, they are more selections curated for the emotion and rhythm I was going for. To read more into it or to read the book to this would not go over well, I don’t think. It is an eclectic group of random and some of these were added for the want of one line in the lyric or one chord in the song. But it’s fun to check out nonetheless. 🙂

In Your Eyes • Peter Gabriel • This song drove the riding scenes, I really sank into the bass notes and felt the hoofbeats in the music. The lyrics are just icing. An incomparable love song. This really is the these song for the book.

Somebody • Depeche Mode • Because Francine longs for a connection to someone, and that feeling came straight from this song.

Strip • Adam Ant • Because, well, you need a song for the fun naughty scenes and bygawd, ya better have some fun in bed once in awhile. Plus this song, and the video are simply ridiculous.

Fly Me To The Moon • Antônio Carlos Jobim • Because you need a general upbeat mood song about the emotions dealing with falling in love.

Wild World • Cat Stevens • Seriously, because the world is wild and sometimes someone needs to remind you of that in a lighthearted way.

Dreams • The Cranberries • Because Francine spends a lot of time considering her waking and dreaming life, ultimately giving into the dream and believing in her future.

Georgetown • David Foster • Because this is a simply precious lilting melody that tells a love story.

Louis’ Revenge • Elliot Goldenthal • Angry Rox. ’nuff said.

Hero • Enrique Iglesias • Because we all need one.

Motherless Child • Eric Clapton • Because many of us are.

Landslide • Fleetwood Mac • Because we often feel caught in one, and so did Francine and Rox.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin • Frank Sinatra & Bono • Because neither could understand the intangible draw. Plus when Bono comes in with the growly voice…*swoon*

Patience • Guns N’ Roses • because life takes a lot of this when falling in love.

Hallelujah • Jeff Buckley • because Hallelujah is all that can be said when it all comes together, in such an incredibly passionate and loving way.

You Can Leave Your Hat On • Joe Cocker • Because stealing someones clothes requires a soundtrack.

Faithfully • Journey • Because there is NO other way when you love someone.

Tonight I Wanna Cry • Keith Urban • Because sometimes you have to.

When I Close My Eyes (Acoustic Version) • Kenny Chesney • Because another simpler song about dreams is always called for. No clip because you can’t find the acoustic and it HAS to be the acoustic.

The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance • Sinéad O’Connor • Because every relationship has the moment where you heart breaks and you believe it will be goodbye.

Nothing Compares 2 U • Sinéad O’Connor • Because it’s true.

With Or Without You • U2 • Because it’s also true.

All I Want Is You • U2 • Because how could it not be true.

Trip Through Your Wires • U2 • Because he does, constantly, trip over the reality that is Francine.

Only You • Yaz • Because there can only be one.

Midnight • Yaz • Because sometimes a song makes us realize what will happen if we don’t speak up soon enough.

Forever In Blue Jeans • Neil Diamond • Because Neil Diamond writes some damn sexy lyrics.

Ai Du • Ali Farka Toure/Ry Cooder • SMEXXXXIE

Flightless Bird, American Mouth • Iron and Wine • Because it doesn’t need to make sense.

Better Than • John Butler Trio • Because we all need to smile.

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