Brody Steve Boyd male model by Rick Day


I very much need more time in the day. Does everyone say that?
I suppose so. My house has been turned nearly upside down over the past couple weeks and adjusting to the new reality has been a bit difficult.
As well as working with publishers and editors and waiting for calls from agents, speaking with them and trying to survive while sounding like a reasonable and educated person.
I’m a touch frazzled.

Then there’s RWA. I wanted so very much to go this year, but with another huge studio shoot looming and all the planning for RomCon to get done, these books to rewrite and edit and an anthology to write I just could don’t make it happen. I am a bit happier about it since I scheduled a studio shoot for Friday with a new model, Levi, to make some fan art for another author. More about that later.

It seems I am complaining a bit where I should also be talking about all the good stuff. Like working with the publisher and editor, speaking with one of the preeminent agents in the business, guest hosting on Romance Lately with the Pervs, reading from Perry’s book, planning fantastic shoots, casting for my next book. (follow my casting hunt with the hashtag #castingPerry on twitter-be warned very NSFW at times)

I have discovered that I am in love with the photographic styles of Rick Day and Mark Jenkins and have found a great deal of inspiration in their shoots. Here is where the Pervy Trinity snickers because they love to ogle their models—not that I don’t—but when I speak of research there is a level of professionalism to it, and then a level of, oh my twitter ladies would LOVE to see this guyism.

While I love casting because I find the images incredibly beautiful, for the most part, I also have a hard time since my project is still completely unfunded. Most of the models who end up in those houses for shoots are upwards of $2500/day for shoots. This is beyond my meager project. So I continue casting, reaching out across the U.S. looking for a fresh face in need of a break out role. Like Derek. That guy is headed places now, and I like to think I gave him a good push and a head start. He likes to think so as well. I’m hoping to find the next Derek, but it is such a crazy business, especially with new models. You just never know what you’ll get, you never know what will happen.

So follow along as I look, because that, my dears, is the fun part. They are models after all it is their job to look pretty and make you want them, hopefully they are successful and the rest of us are left with dreams.

Some of my favorites from this week, well, ok my big favorite from this week has been Steve Boyd.

Go ahead and click…you know you want to.


2 Responses to “Remiss”
  1. Kati R says:

    Oh Jenn. I like to ogle my men. I do. But you’ve given me inspiration a thousand times over for several characters in a WIP. Thank you.


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