Really what else is there to say. He now has a following and is such a sweetie.

I flew him out here for promo work for RomCon and to make some connections, meet some other authors, and do some work with one of the biggest cover agencies in the U.S. as well as to meet with my producer Annette so she could check him out.

We spent three crazy days shooting, parading, changing, schmoozing, laughing, and entertaining the crowd. It was a blast and in the end I think it was incredibly successful. The main thread in a romance novel is the hero, so if you want to sell the book you bring the hero along, and Derek is a great sales tool. He isn’t just pretty  he is personable. Everyone loves him.

We had him up on the waterfall for some highlander fun, got the hotel management out of their box for awhile to warn us they weren’t interested in a lawsuit and all the attendees out in the lobby to ogle and take pics. I had three of the best bloggers in the romance community come out and assist me on the shoots as well, so that’s who has my bounce, I know everyone is shocked it isn’t Cora.


Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

There are a lot of images that need editing, but my favorites were from our Gonzo shoot around Denver on Sunday so here are a few:


Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc


Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc


Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc


Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc





One Response to “Derek”
  1. Zina says:

    Very, very good shots. Jenn you have a good eye and Derek, thanks for not making me me feel uncomfortable during our shoot. I canna wait to see the pictures and you have such a nice smile so keep doing it.


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