But Sunday, Sunday was killer.

So Saturday happened…

I woke up Sunday to the boys snuggled on the pull out sofa. OK not really, they were on opposite edges. I was tempted once again to take the creepy Edward Cullen in the corner while you sleep pic, but refrained. Again. D jumped in the shower and Will got dressed, made very little eye contact and said his goodbyes quickly. A beerfest awaited, and perhaps the return of some of the memories from the night before. I had to pack and get ready for the banquet at 10a.m. only to find I had to be checked out of the Crowne Plaza by 11a.m. and they couldn’t extend it because everyone else had. You know, that’s like 3, 4, no like 10 strikes against this place so far in 4 days. I wasn’t too excited about them any more. But I digress. So I packed up and moved out and we missed the banquet, ah well, I heard it was good. Good for them.

Heather tracked me down to get her signed poster from Derek (yay) and we got ready for the rumble at noon. It was fun, interesting, it was set up speed dating style so they rang a bell and the tables moved, but most people just kinda did whatever they wanted. I did meet a few new people and Derek’s fans got the last of the posters, so it was fun. I love watching his fans swarm him, and smile at me like, oh sorry we’re here for him. As if I didn’t know that, why do you think I brought him? I brought him for the fans, that was the WHOLE point, so I LOVED it.

We stuffed the car, Rita, Kati and Jamie in the back and Derek riding shotgun (no he wasn’t going to squeeze between the girls) and headed for the mall. Yeah I said it. The mall. LOL Derek wanted some aviators like the ones he borrowed from Kati for the studio the day before. He was rocking’ the aviators. So we went to get some. There was a firetruck parked outside the mall which really made me jumpy because no telling’ where they would be INSIDE the mall. Not a good scene. My heart was racing. I shot some video of D cruising the mall. First time for video, it was…interesting, there seem to be a lot of butt shots, and not because D has a nice butt, which we all know he does, but because I was trying to figure out the focus…well…anyway.

After the mall we headed for Rita’s fairy tale destination, The Cherry Cricket. Now I have been eating at the Cricket for EVER. It was a dive bar in Cherry Creek before it was considered posh. Like dive as in trapped between sketchy and don’t go there. But it held on through the years and it’s got the BEST burger in Denver hands down. The Cricket burger can be done any way you want. I either get it with white cheddar or cream cheese and mushrooms. MMMMM.

Anywhoo, after Cricket we were all dragging, I needed some WiFi and I had seen that Ink! moved in so we went over there for some java. Ink! is the BEST coffee in Denver. So that was a win all around. We hung out there for awhile and then it dawned on me what I wanted to shoot. We were going to go downtown, but there is a wall in Cherry Creek that I am smitten with. Cora and I discovered it last year while shooting a wedding (I DON’T DO WEDDINGS) and it was perfect for some hot portfolio shots, so we walked over there. In the meantime D invited his friend Billy to meet us, and he did with his other friend, whose name escapes me now, but since they said they had been joined at the hip since preschool I will just call him Billy II the redux. We shot the wall, in wicked hot direct streaking sunlight and the lot of us got hot and sweaty.

Not attractive. A woman behind us was bummed that she had left her camera in the car so I told her we would be there for a bit so she should run and get it. She ran. She got her picture ‘for her daughter’ and was happy.

We shot the hell out of that wall it was awesome in ways I can’t even begin to explain. That wall makes me über happy. Kati handled my bounce while Jamie handled my social media and Rita handled the giggles.

Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Then we moved on to the fancy bedroom store, I wasn’t to happy about that one. Then his buddies showed up and we walked on, I tried a couple other locations I wasn’t too thrilled with:

Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Then we found another wall, which I made D climb. This wall was also very worth it, though placing him while surrounded by a giant green garbage can and a bunch of light poles was wicked awful, I did manage a few good shots here.

Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Way to work the bounce on this one Kati.

We were losing the light so we screamed downtown in time to lose it completely, I did shoot a pic for Pamela Clare though:

Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

That is the Glass House aka The Glass Tower she used in her novel Breaking Point. (read it. seriously)

Then we headed downtown to dump images and get some food. We found a great little place with a rooftop terrace, had some pizza and drinks then headed back to the hotel without D.

All in all this day was not as ridiculous as the rest, but the images were the best. I really had a great time at RomCon getting to know everybody and I can’t wait to come back next year and have even more fun. Derek was awesome, had fun with all his fans, survived a hellish bug, and managed to pull out the abs when it counted.

3 Responses to “But Sunday, Sunday was killer.”
  1. zachynyoga says:

    Hi Jenn, great photography, You have a very keen eye for catching just the right colors.


  2. Kati R says:

    I bounced that backside like no one’s business. #inappropriate Thanks Jenn and Derek for letting us tag along. You guys are the best!


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