Day one – PCH

A note about this project. Once again, I’m not saying much, we’re just calling this some portfolio work for now. But Derek and I have become good friends over the last couple years of working on my book, and we decided to do something new. More on that later. For now…behind the scenes. You can find the scouting trip here.

We picked up Derek and went over his wardrobe then headed for Monterey. The plan was to stay there and get up early to shoot the Garrapata area. Now, when I go out on assignment I use Hotwire, Priceline and other such websites for late bookings relatively cheap. I am usually happy with where we end up. This night, however, was not so bueno. We basically stayed at what I dubbed “The Murder Hotel” and everyone was upset with me from that moment on. The room I booked was no longer available (of course) there were no non smoking rooms left (of course) and there was only one room with a queen bed (!). I gave him the face. Those of you who know me, know the face. Well this was the face after midnight and a full day of scouting, driving and wanting sleep.

What we ended up with were two rooms, each with a queen bed. In the Murder Hotel. One was room number ONE. Right by the soda machine, easy access, first room by a noisy scream-covering machine. The Murder Room in the Murder Hotel. Derek got it. Now in all my life I have never wished I had a camera more at this moment. We moved everything into my room, that I would share with Berry, and D walked in first, saw this giant red stain on the floor and just hovered there staring at it.

“Someone was killed here.”


*Stares harder*

*Looks up*

“You have a giant blood stain on your floor.”

*Stares some more.*


“Oh my Gosh.” (maybe, perhaps not those exact words.) “This really is the murder hotel!” That was Berry.

Then all eyes on me. GAH!!

I threw my suitcase over the giant stain and D continued to stare as Berry laughed and we left everything to walk D to his room. Buddy system you know. At least the number wasn’t swinging from just one nail. Just saying. We left D, and I texted him once back at the room.

We woke in the morning to find we had survived, so we showered, bagged our pjs in hermetically sealed bags so the smoke smell wouldn’t infect the rest of our suitcases and got the heck out of there. I won’t say where it is, I won’t tell you which one. Because that is what adventure is all about. But if you end up in room 14 with a giant blood stain, you let me know.

We ended up at a little victorian place for breakfast then headed down the 17 mile drive. Beautiful scenery.

The first place we stopped to shoot was a little rocky shoreline covered with moss and seaweed. D didn’t see what I was going for, the land looked gross, but that’s ok. We got him in some nice Armani briefs and climbed down to the water and I sent him in.




Not just a little bit, but REALLY. Now, I wouldn’t make D do anything I would not do myself, for the most part, so I followed. I was straddling a rock shooting him in the frigid surf, while onlookers began to line up on the surrounding outcroppings. One woman shot some video and some other people took cell phone pics, I mean who wouldn’t? Sexy guy in briefs in the frigid water.

Well, that’s such a flattering pic of me isn’t it? My pants were soaked. D’s weren’t That’s how that went. It was fun. One guy, who had an Italian accent, followed us up to the car and asked if we were shooting for the new Armani catalog, and said he was going to go out and buy some Armani right then because D looked so good. He was very excited about having witnessed our little photo shoot.

That was the first time we stopped some traffic, but it wouldn’t be the last.

D wrapped up in a nice fluffy towel and we headed out. Next stop was the nice sweeping beach I love.

Jenn LeBlanc shoots Derek Hutchins

Cora isn’t the only one who crawls around on the ground. Just Saying.

We headed for the Doud Creek even though I knew it wouldn’t shoot well, die hard. It happens.

Then came back out to the beach to shoot a bit more. More Armani, more freezing surf, more fun.

D got a bit cold out there in that wicked surf with no body fat, so I wrapped him up in my sweater.

Sad Panda.

Then we moved on.

Next up was the jetty at  Moss Landing.

And a few more clothes.

Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc Moss Landing

We skipped Santa Cruz, and headed for San Francisco.

4 Responses to “Day one – PCH”
  1. Anne says:

    Dear Jenn-Who-I-Didn’t-Get-To-See, the cuddlebug pic is the best. Love, AZ.


  2. Kati R says:

    Dear Jenn, That last picture is my favorite. Love, me


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