Courtney Milan – Unclaimed

Unclaimed (Turner, #2)Unclaimed by Courtney Milan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been putting off this review, letting it mull and it doesn’t seem to have helped at all.

I waffle between being desperately in love with the story to being slightly annoyed with the heroine because of her deceit to being sad that the ruination of Mr. Turner seemed to go a bit faster than what I had expected.

I just simply do not know how to express in words the way I feel about this book.

It is easy enough to get the facts from a hundred different official reviews form different sources. I will not get into them, but that I am so torn about it, is what makes me love it that much more. I was hoping to read it again before I wrote this, and imagine I will update this as soon as I do reread it, but for that I will purchase my own copy.

Yes I will purchase a copy to keep. Yes it was that good. Yes I rated it five stars because not only was Courtney’s writing as beautiful and lyrical as I have come to expect and love, but the tangled web of emotion and —I want to say suspense, but it isn’t necessarily that. LONGING. Maybe that is it— is spot on.

This book wasn’t just mindful it was endearing and this virginal hero was absolutely incredible. I was enamored with his beliefs, with his strength of character, with his personality. She was beautifully written even if I did not like that she was so desperately deceitful. I tend to have a problem with books where a simple honest conversation might suffice to repair all the tension, but Courtney schmoozed it just enough that it wasn’t quite possible, and yet…and yet.


I will read it again. Possibly again after that.

I did not throw my iPad across the room, there was no real WTFckry, and the cover is simply beautiful.

I was given an eARC through Netgalley for review. But fully intend to purchase on release.

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