Romancing the Countess – Ashley March

Romancing the CountessRomancing the Countess by Ashley March

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am going to try to write this without spoilers, so it may seem a bit discombobulated. I apologize in advance for my ADDness will be showing through…

This book this book. What can I say about this book. I adore Sebastian. He is snarky, irreverent, passionate, injured, wonderful and horrible all rolled up into one great big ball of green-eyed wonder. The journey these two characters take in this novel is absolutely moving and quite stunning. The emotions are raw and unmanageable, the power of their individual reactions is palpable and intense.

I could only image being one of these two people coming from both ends of the spectrum in this situation. One aware of the infidelity and prepared to celebrate freedom, the other so passionately in love with their spouse that not only does he have to deal with the grief of loss but the reality of the lies. I was also quite taken by Ian by the end of the book, because he is rather passionate with his wife, even though he is in love with another woman, and I wanted to know why, and the reasoning is such a powerful revelation in and of itself it was truly moving.

I was moved. I also very much appreciated the end not being wrapped up in a perfect little bow. You get your HEA that’s for absolute, but there is no glimpse into the future for these two and the fact that Leah is given to be Henry’s mother is beautiful and an honor to every wonderful step mother in the world. She wants her own children and not treated well, it could have gone terribly awry, but Ashley did a very good job with this piece of the story, and how the family question was left at the end.

This is a study in the human beast; motivation, emotion, drive, want. I was taken with the characters from the outset, and loved every word.

Favorite line “I’m not touching you.”

There was no WTFckry, I did not roll my eyes once and never wanted to throw my iPad across the room. As for the cover, it is stunning. I love it.

I bought this copy from B&N in the middle of the night as soon as it was released because I have been waiting WAY TOO LONG to read it.

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