#ManCandyMonday – Anatomy of a man

Welcome to my blog Man Candy Monday maniacs!!! I’m so happy to be master of ceremonies again and to kick off the new format wherein the weekly intro post has been decentralized.

This week, welcome to my humble abode, come on in, kick off your shoes, relax a bit and enjoy the candy.

We are here for the tour d’homme or Anatomy of a Man. Shall we go head to toe? Or is that a bit too cliché? Fine let’s start with the toes, perhaps a circuit? Oh yeah you know that leaves the middle for last right? The middle includes my favorite word and all it entails, iliac. You’ll see.


Toesies, tootsies, puppies, des pieds, the feet. A set of metatarsels and phalanges bound by ligaments and muscle. Very well defined, with much personality.

Studio Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Warm Toesies.

Let’s go up the back side shall we?

Moving on up the leg, on the back we come to the gastrocnemius muscle, these twin muscles are more well known as the calf. The sexy pair of muscles above that is the biceps femoris, and of course go one futher and you have the gluteous maximus muscle. HOWEVER, my favorite muscle from this angle would be the lesser known gluteous medius muscle.

The gluteous medius wraps around the hip meeting the iliac crest, which we’ll talk about momentarily.

Now, the meat of the backside is the gluteous maximus, but the crest, that beautiful crown of round flesh that we love to see above the waist line of his pants- that is the gluteous medius. It leads directly into the iliac crest which is the upper edge of the pelvis. There is a belt of ligaments connected here that basically separates the top of the man from the bottom of the man.

See how it curves around the hip there on that last image? The iliac crest, and what it does to a body, is my favorite part of the anatomy. We’ll chat more about it, once we come full circle…so to speak.

Here are a couple that clearly delineate the iliac crest.

A clear delineation between top and bottom. Heh. Top and Bottom.

Moving on up, but a little more centralized we have the spinal chord. It beautifully separates a broad back of sinew and muscle quite perfectly. Flanking the spinal chord and wrapping around the sides are the latissmus dorsi. I think of them as wings, because when well defined, you can see them from the front when properly flexed.

See it here? Across the back and toward the side and the other stuff we’ll talk about in a minute.

Steve Boyd by Jose Alexzander

Steve Boyd by Jose Alexzander

Now let’s talk about those dimples. They are right there above the crest, on both sides of the spinal chord, low between the hips. You know the dimples. They are caused by the posterior superior iliac spine. Connective tissues, also on the pelvis, create that sexy dimpling.

Studio Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Moving on up! Shoulders. Big. Broad. Strong. Chiseled. Shoulders.

Shoulders are basically made up of the trapezius and deltoid muscles.

The trapezius in the muscle that joins the neck to the top of the back here:

Studio Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

 The OM tattoos are on his trapezii.

The deltoids wrap over the top of the shoulder, giving the beautiful round definition.

Studio Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Alternately, when flexed they provide a great deal of textured definition

Studio Derek Hutchins by Jenn LeBlanc

Beautiful arms right?

K moving on we have the face, eyes, hair— there are so many variations on these I’ll just leave them all to your imagination and surfing. But on the way back down our first stop is the neck.

That divot at the base of the neck which is bounded by the two muscles known as sternocleidomastoid muscles. *sigh*

Steve Boyd always gives good neck:

Steven Boyd for Peter Pappenburg


So does THIS GUY:

Stop drooling, it’s time for the chest. Pectoralis major and minor.

(it says “Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani” Which Jesus cried out from the cross…”My God, My God why have you forsaken me.)

Jed Hill by Rick Day for Jaci Burton cover

Yeah, you know this image. But how can we talk chest without this big cavernous beast?

Moving on to the serratus anterior. These muscles make me all giggly inside.

It’s the woven muscles above the ribcage, below the arms.

Yeah you knew he would show up again.

Steve Boyd by Rick Day

Oh giggity it’s time to talk abs.

Yes please.

That down the center, aka the six pack, is the rectus abdominus, and the flat slab of muscle on the sides, the one that sometimes looks cut out and glued on? That is the External abdominal oblique.

Jed Hill Studio Jenkins

Please, who else is a better specimen of abs?

Yeah, there’s that guy too.

Oh, or this guy is pretty good as well.

So let’s recap real quick with a side angle:

Steve Boyd Shirtless Rick Day

The serratus anterior down to the external oblique, and let’s not forget the latissmus dorsi, the large muscle that wraps around from the back to the side. The gluteus medius and gluteus maximus…

Now we’re back to my favorite word: ILIAC.

So that belt, that wraps around the middle of a man, comes together nicely in the front.

Like this:

You can really see the iliac crest on this image of Mr. Boyd:

Steve Boyd

Let’s use this image to finish up the anatomy:

Studio Derek Hutchins Jenn LeBlanc

The hip. I’m completely obsessed with hips right now. The form, the purpose. THE PURPOSE…. *sigh*

See that ridge there on the hip, right where his hand rests? That is the sartorius. Just to the left of it, at the base of the external oblique is the iliac us. The iliac us goes all the way down. Just to the right of the sartorius is the tensor fasciae latae. Don’t you think Starbucks should carry that? I do. I would drink it. Just saying.

The iliacus is what makes up both sides of the famous V, that is also known as the Adonis line or Adonis belt or several other names. But we all know exactly where it leads don’t we?

So tell me…was it HAWT enough for you?

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A few bonus images of my fav male model, because who doesn’t want to see NEW Steve Boyd images?

Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd

The point is…there is a lot that has to come together to make a beautiful man. I didn’t even touch on arms or hands, and hands are, well…incredible. Aren’t they?

Have fun tonight! See you at 7pm MST on twitter, don’t forget the #ManCandyMonday

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  1. Kati R says:

    And the shoulder. THE SHOULDER! *dies*


  2. Kati R says:

    MORE BUTT PLEASE! OMFG! I was staring at THAT saddle picture of Steve last night. lol. ❤


  3. shrtswt2thpt says:

    OMG, not something to read while at work. Love the anatomy lesson.


  4. Who drooled on my keyboard? Oh, that was me. Amazing pics.


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