As a bee…

I had a big #StudioSmexy shoot this weekend. We went from paranormal to contemporary and historical to BDSM and a bit of M/MMenage and back to the wild wild west. It was a good time, as always. I had a few requests, so we had a basic roadmap of where we were headed, but that doesn’t mean we stuck to it like glue. It’s always more fun to do a bit of trailblazing.

It’s also the first time I have ever shot any M/M romance. It was fun, the guys were great, and the pictures look really good. I know the next time will be better, but that’s how it works, there’s first time for everything and nobody gets a home run on their first major league hit. (Yes opening day was this week too, so bear with the baseball metaphors if you please)

I also completely revamped my photoshelter website for the stock, You can now order stock directly from the site based on the file size you need. If you are using a designer be sire to get the size they need for your design. If you are interested in an exclusive usage license, so nobody else will have the image you have, contact me directly.

Images start around $15. Fan images for backgrounds and blog posts will be available for personal use in the near future. Lots of fun things in the works. Actually one of the best things, and the most popular last summer for my readers, was RomCon. It’s four days of total craziness here in Denver. Last year I brought Derek and Guy out to shoot and meet readers, and I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing this year, but it will be EPIC. Check out ROMCON on their website, and if you’re coming be sure to let me know and I’ll bring something special for you!!

So without any more hodge podge:

For more images from the shoot check out my dual personality here.

3 Responses to “As a bee…”
  1. Kati R says:

    That first 3rd picture is one of my all time faves.


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