RomCon 2012!

ONe month my peepins! ONE MONTH to RomCon. Do you KNOW what RomCon is? I’ll let you check out my posts about last years con here, here, and here.

Total romancilicious insanity of the best kind.

Romcon is a reader convention which means everything we do is for the reader (YOU) there are no publishing houses, no writing seminars, none of that stuff. Every inch of it in reader-centric and AWESOME beyond belief.

Last year was my first year and it was such a blast I had to return, this year RomCon is set to kick off the summer of epicness, which no doubt will be the most incredible summer EVER. I have lots of plans for the con, and since it’s all centered around readers tell me, what do YOU want to see from e at RomCon? Do you want trade paperback to buy? Do you want posters, trading cards and other fun swag? Do you want to meet my models? Do you want to chill with me in the bar, or watch me shoot a model on the waterfall?


Are you coming to RomCon?

Hope to see you there!!


Attacked by Kati of Romancing Rakes

Photo by Kati

photo by Kati

Derek, photo by Kati

2 Responses to “RomCon 2012!”
  1. Kati R says:

    Sheesh! I look like a lunatic hugging you.


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