So much more than just SKIN DEEP

Skin Deep (I-Team After Hours, #1)Skin Deep by Pamela Clare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brava brava brava. I am once again in love…

This is a beautiful and intricate novel about two very damaged souls. Both the physical and mental pain that the H/h suffer is tangible and powerful, and their journey to come together is just stunning. This is a must read for I-Team fans, but any romance lover will enjoy this book. I absolutely loved it.

Nate West is physically damaged, he was injured by an IED strike while deployed, and now hides on his family’s ranch in the Colorado high country. Megan in the emotionally traumatized younger sister of I-Team hero Marc Hunter. His book, Unlawful Contact, is a must read all it’s own, and tells Megan’s beautifully. That isn’t to say that Clare doesn’t provide enough backstory to understand what happened to Megan here, don’t fear the series, every single one can be read independently, though the characters reappear and the relationships build on each other.

Clare masterfully weaves in enough backstory for new readers without boring the pants off of those who’ve been there.

This story in particular is simply mesmerizing. It’s so touching and sweet and deep and soulful how she brings these two people together.

I highly recommend it.

Now: There was no WTFckry, I never wanted to throw my iPad across the room (in fact, I read it all at once), and absolutely no eye rolling. As for the cover? Well, I could be biased (LOOKIE HERE) BUT I think it’s stunning. *wink* *wink*

Get it. NOW. GO!

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