Rom Con 2012

Here we go my lovelies. I am SO excited for RomCon this year, last year it was kinda my coming out party. I managed to talk a few good bloggers into coming out to party with me (which was AWESOME) and they are returning again this year as well. Now that I know SO MANY MORE in the community I’m really looking forward to meeting and hanging with you all.

Seriously. RomCon is just one giant party, where we are all friends. All the time. We hardly slept, we hardly ate. I was running around the hotel like there was no tomorrow. It was EPIC. But this year, this year, RomCon starts the summer instead of wrapping it up. And that is SO TOTALLY AWESOME. It will be the opening act, the bog boom to which all other cons this summer will need to measure to.

We joke on twitter and Facebook about getting kicked out of RomCon, and that’s pretty funny because compared to some of the authors that will be there (Delilah Marvelle I’m looking at you…) I am tame. Yeah. I said it. TAME. This is nothing NOTHING. But if you aren’t there, you won’t know, and the posts won’t even give you the slightest idea about how amazing it really was because in the end…in a conference full of WRITERS and READERS…THERE ARE NO WORDS.

So. I did a little shopping today, for the Con. Kilt. Kilt belt. Sporran, blade oil, riding crops, posters, (did you get one last year? They were a HUGE hit) Romance Trading Cards, leather pants (not for me), batteries, paint brushes, solo cups (don’t ask) oh the list goes on. The epicness will grow. The excitement will explode from within and suffuse Denver. Seriously.


Or be somewhere else that is not nearly as cool or exciting.

To help you… I will be announcing a contest…HOPEFULLY, I’m just waiting on final authorization…but when I do I’ll announce it EVERYWHERE. If you can get here…I can get you in. No joke. Stay tuned.

RomCon…it is where all the cool kids will start this summer. 😉

SO officially, here is my schedule, so if you’d like to catch up with me specifically, you KNOW where I’ll be 🙂 SEE YOU THERE!!

Jenn LeBlanc Schedule RomCon

3 Responses to “Rom Con 2012”
  1. I’ll see you there, my friend!


  2. Kati R says:

    I wanna go! I hope you’re authorized for the contest. That would be amazing. Even if you’re not, I’m still going because that’s how awesome you are. And I get to see that face (above) too ❤


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