Sex scene Saturday : FOUR.

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Perry sat at the keys and considered the night before. He leaned across the board. Resting his elbow on the piano, he started a scale, his fingers gliding across the keys like the wings of a butterfly. The tones started rich and deep, then rose to fight his somber mood.

It was difficult to believe that Hepplewort was still causing problems. He had to protect Lilly, particularly since Hepplewort was now aware of her. The scale trilled up and back down and he shifted forward on the bench. Lilly, who he had left to sleep in after the trials he put her through once they’d made it back to the house. He had given her the pearls, and they had been truly beautiful. It had been the most passionate night of his life. His other hand met the first and he commanded the notes to come forth, fill the room, his senses, his need.

It must have been all the emotion roiling through them. In his life he’d never expected to be so close to another human. He’d never expected to share such a glorious connection. And they were to be married soon. He needed to send a message to Calder House, to let his aunt know they would be late. Lilly needed rest. He felt his cock stir at the very thought of their exertion. She had allowed so much, learned so much, given so much, and he was forever in her hold. Mastered. The crescendo grew.

He heard movement behind him and shifted, quickly closing the fall over the keys and rising from the bench.

“Lilly. I didn’t know you were here. I—” He cleared his throat. She watched him closely as he stumbled out from behind the bench.

“You play.” It was a quiet statement, not a question.

“Well. Yes, I do. I don’t very well announce such, though. The image of tortured artist would do wonders for my rakehell reputation,” he said sardonically.

She pursed her lips. “Your reputation. I see. Still quite concerned with that, are you, my lord?”

He stopped. “I—well. There, you have me.”

Her smile broadened and she pulled a chair closer to the bench. “Well, then?” she said, sweeping her hand toward the instrument.

He turned, his knee brushing the corner of the bench and making him stumble again. He caught it before it toppled and cast her a nervous grin. He sat down, his wrists hovering above the keys, his fingers gently caressing the ivory just below. He cleared his throat, then clasped his hands, cracking his knuckles before repositioning his fingers.

Lilly waited serenely, her eyes trained on those long fingers she had come to know so well. They fluttered over the keys again and he heard her breath catch.

With that small sound the music flowed through him, to the strings of the piano, each note carried in precise tension throughout the room.

Her breathing caught the rhythm of the notes, her chest rising and falling in deep waves. He saw her knees tighten, her fingers curl into her skirts.

He built the crescendo, drawing the tension as far as he could before letting it drift softly back to earth. He closed his eyes and his body swayed. He felt the strain of the notes, pulled them into his gut then let them spiral through his veins, flowing back out to circle again toward him.

Lilly had never seen anyone play, much less been close enough to feel the tremor  from the instrument below her feet as the chords left the strings and traveled to her. She watched closely as Perry’s eyes fell closed and his brow stitched, the concentration in every line of his body. This wasn’t something she had imagined when considering this man. The beauty and the passion. Her gaze fell once again to his fingers; watching them skim the ivory had her belly in knots, and she clenched her knees together to fight the sudden whirls of energy fluttering inside her.

She stood ever so slowly, not wanting to disturb his concentration but needing to feel. She slipped her shoes off and stepped quietly to the side of the grand piano to lean into it. She placed her hands on the giant lid that was closed over the strings to mute the sound. Spreading her fingers, she felt the reverberation of each note. She closed her eyes and her breath quickened.

Then the music fell away.

She turned to find him regarding her.

“That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life.”

“Well, you have led a most sheltered life.”

She noted there were no music sheets. “How…”

“It just comes to me, or I remember it. My mother was very talented. She used to play, and I was able to pick things up by ear. Later my father paid for a few lessons. Possibly to keep me from underfoot while he dealt with my brother.”

“What of your mother then?”

“She was already gone.”

Lilly turned away as he stood.

His hand reached up to her face, his thumb brushing the tear from her cheek. “There is no need to cry for the past.”

She leaned into him. “It was not for the past, but for the music. I do not know how to describe how it felt. It filled me, it was…” She shook her head.

He turned her and lifted her, setting her upon the lid. “Let me tell you about my piano.”

She protested and he moved closer, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning toward her.

“This is an 1868 Streicher Concert Grand. Handmade of rosewood, for me, in Vienna.” He ran his hand over the smooth surface. “The very same type of piano that Brahms uses for his compositions.” He looked at her hopefully.

She shook her head.

He pulled her skirts up and wrapped her legs around his waist, then lifted her from the piano. She squealed and locked her arms around his neck.


He rounded the piano, setting her petite frame on the lid at the front of the piano. His fingers traced down the backs of her thighs. His hands caught beneath her knees as he lifted her away from him, opened the fall, and placed her feet wide on the keyboard with a low and high complaint from the piano.

“Perry, not the keys, I—”

“Shhh. You are interrupting genius here,” he said, then kissed her blunt on the lips and sat in front of her, looking at his hands on the keys. “Every genius needs a muse and I—” He glanced up and his breath caught as he took in the view he’d created. Lilly, wide on his piano. “I, my sweet, sweet Lilly, I’m no different.” He shifted on the bench. “Perhaps this was a bad idea,” he mumbled, moving his fingers, which seemed to tangle themselves before even attempting a chord.

He started in on a lilting melody; he thought a tribute to Brahms in order considering the lesson on his piano, but then when he glanced up again he fumbled, losing the tune.

“I believe this calls for something a bit more, eh, up tempo?” He repositioned his hands. He started slow and lilting, then beat at the keys, the sound emanating loud and raucous. The entire piano shook beneath her, the vibrations coursing through her toes and resting in her hips. He smiled up at her. “Brahms would roll in his grave for this one!” he yelled over the tune.

Lilly laughed and held on to the edge of the piano lid tightly, for fear of being bounced off. “What…whatever is this?” she asked through her giggles.

“This, my dear, is something my mother used to play for me. I haven’t heard it anywhere else. I believe it to be American.” He continued his harassment of the keys. Lilly was laughing so hard her foot slipped from the keyboard and she landed rather unceremoniously in Perry’s lap.

“Well, my dear, you have but to ask me the one time.” He gathered her to him, kissing and pulling and tearing at her clothes until they were joined beneath her ruined skirts, both screaming and grunting as they worked hard toward their end.

“Lilly…Lilly!” he yelled as he fell back and she followed, the two of them landing on the floor behind him, his breath knocked out.

She sat up quickly with a start, her hands touching either side of his jaw. “Perry? Are you all right?” She moved his head back and forth to rouse him.

His hands on her hips startled her. “Lilly, don’t move, I— Lord, just…give me a moment, I beg you.”

She leaned over him, kissing everywhere she could reach.

“Perry, I’m so sorry!”

He coughed, then breathed deeply and opened his eyes. Lifted his knees and kicked the piano bench away. He cleared his throat.

“It wasn’t your fault. I should never have set you on my instrument,” he said with a sly grin.

She wiggled her hips. “Your instrument seems to have survived.” She leaned over his chest on her crossed hands.

He pressed into her. “I leave you with no doubt as to the condition of said instrument.”

Her eyes closed and her mouth parted as his rhythm gained. She pushed

against his chest, rising to give him more depth, and cried out on his thrust.

“What…was…that…song?” she breathed.

“She called it the Pineapple Rag.”

“I don’t know what that means, but I love it.”

Lilly collapsed on a cry, melting into his tensed body.

Then, once he caught his breath: “Shall I play it again?”


A woman out of time.

A man stifled by propriety.

A nemesis determined to take her away.

A brother to the rescue.

How will a powerful Duke deal with a woman who doesn’t know her place? How will a woman used to the 21st century survive in time where she is considered property?

THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE Part one brings Francine to the world of the Duke of Roxleigh, clashing worlds in first installment of the completely revised novel, with all new material.

Francine Larrabee woke up on the wrong side of the century. She was fairly certain she went to sleep in her own comfy bed, but she doesn’t quite seem to be there now. Only adding to her problems is that she has no voice, is constantly being glowered at by a large, stunning man who is obsessed with propriety, and she is apparently betrothed to another horrid little man, determined to ruin her, and any other girls that get in his way.

How does she find herself in the past, when she couldn’t even find herself in her present? How does a self sufficient businesswoman survive in a time when women were still considered property for the whole of their lives and what is she going to do with this man who draws her to him so fiercely.

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This is an excerpt from RETRIBUTION : The Rake And the Recluse : Part six 

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