Welcoming: Lizzie T. Leaf

Interviewer: Today we are interviewing the Undead Dovey Devine, formerly known as media
darling Deb Stein. Dovey, I understand you’re going to be out in the public eye again with the
re-release of a book series about your life as a vampire and the friends you encounter as one of
the living dead. Do you have any special plans to celebrate?

Dovey: Yes! And….hmmm. (Long pause while Deb stares intently at interviewer)

Interviewer: Do I have something in my teeth?

Dovey: No. Has anyone ever told you what a lovely carotid artery you have?

Interviewer: (Pulls up shirt collar and shifts uncomfortably). No. Can’t say that they have.
But we were discussing the re-release of the DEAD series and your plans to celebrate.

Dovey: Right…sorry lost my concentration for a moment. That Lizzie chick has planned a blog
tour with prizes. And guess what?

Interviewer: What?

Dovey: This stop has a prize up for grabs! Everyone leaves a comment is automatically entered
into the drawing at that stop. Today we’re hanging here at Jenn LeBlanc’s blog and I’ll use
Lizzie’s handle to answer any questions readers may want to ask, or respond to their comments.
There are probably readers who’d love a shot at a $5.00 Musa gift certificate.

Interviewer: True. I know I would. Maybe I should enter.

Dovey: Don’t think so silly. Something to do with being too close the source…speaking of
which, what’s your blood type?

Interviewer: (Takes a quick glance at watch) My where has the time gone? I really need to
run. Let’s just give the readers a glimpse of the re-release coming for DEAD Awake (formerly
Waking Up Dead) on July 20th at Musa Publishing. Plus, maybe they’d like to give their
thoughts on the cool new cover.


Waking up to discover you’re dead isn’t a gal’s idea of fun.

Deb Stein loved to party until she took the hunk dressed as a vampire to her bed. Now she’s one
of the living dead and pissed about it. Plus, she has to find a new idenity and WORK!


He studied her for a long moment with his intense black eyes and she had to resist the urge to
squirm. Maybe she didn’t want to know what he was going to tell her.

“Your condition is the result of…an accident. My friend didn’t mean to get carried away and
turn you into one of the living dead.”

“The what?” How did she manage to get hooked up with these weirdoes? “Are you frigging

His dark glare stopped her from saying more.

“For your information, I’m saner than you’re going to feel shortly.” He held up a hand to
stop her question. “Let me finish before you start with your questions.” His voice teetered on
boredom as he went on to explain what happened to her Halloween night.

The story may have bored him, but by the time he completed his tale, she was boiling mad.
“You’re telling me I’m a vampire.”

This man was certifiable. Vampires only existed in horror movies and at costume parties. “Then
what does that make you, if you’re friends with this individual who took a bite out of me?”
“A much older and wiser vampire than you or my young friend who created you.” He adjusted
the collar of his coat. “Now, do you want to benefit from some of my knowledge or do you wish
to continue with your delusion that I’m insane?”

A little flicker of fear ran down Deb’s spine. What if he was telling her the truth? What if she
had been turned into a vampire? That would explain why the doctor pronounced her dead. She
was, what did Daniel call it…one of the living dead.

“So, did your friend or whatever you call him, need virgin’s blood to survive or what?”

The Experienced One grimaced. “I call him Aaron, or sometimes refer to him as my protégé,
and yes, he is my friend. As for the virgin’s blood, if that was the case he’d be in real trouble on
the survival issue with his selection of you, wouldn’t he?”

The smug jerk cocked an eyebrow as he looked at her. Deb saw red and it wasn’t blood. Talk
about a put-down. “Well forgive me if I can’t win this year’s Miss Chaste award and for not
knowing what is involved in the vampire way of life. Is waking up one of the living dead like
being a little bit pregnant?”

DEAD Awake available at Musa Publishing July 20th. http://musapublishing.com/index.php?

Will also be available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and All Romance eBooks
shortly after the Musa release.

Connect with Lizzie at:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lizzie.t.leaf?ref=tn_tnmn
Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lizzietleaf
And keep up with her happenings on her blog: http://lizzietleaf.blogspot.com/

7 Responses to “Welcoming: Lizzie T. Leaf”
  1. The winner of the Musa gift certificate is ML Guida!


  2. Dovey talking here, Jenn…yep, have fangs retracted since I fed earlier!


  3. ML Guida says:

    Hi Lizzie, I love your comment on – Is waking up dead like being pregnant? You can give birth, but once a vampire, always a vampire. ML Guida


  4. Thanks for having me as a guest, Jenn!


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