Dragon Bound – Thea Harrison

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

Dragon Bound, a paranormal shifter romance by Thea Harrison

I don’t read PNR.

Except for sometimes.

I had surgery about four weeks ago and am unable to bear any weight for six total weeks. Which, isn’t over with yet. It’s driving me crazy and has turned me upside down. I haven’t been able to read. So I decided to read this. I had a signed copy from Miss Thea, and thought, hey why not. Nothing else is working.

OH MY GAWD. I loved this book. First of I’m an alpha junkie. And Dragos is like alpha to the nth degree. It was ridiculous. I love him. I love him even more because this level of alphaism cannot be done in historicals. I LOVE IT.

We all know my reviews are all over the place and a bit ridiculous. For a writer, I’m inept at the logistics and technical aspects of reviewing, I was never good at book reports in school.

So here it is. This book is good. This book is droolworthy, this book is I-bought-a-kindle-copy-so-I-wouldn’t-have-to-hop-all-the-way-back-to-my-room-to-get-the-paperback-and-I-couldn’t-wait-for-someone-to-get-home-and-get-it-for-me GOOD.

Forcing-it-on-all-my-friends GOOD. You got it? Good.

There was no WTFckry, though it’s PNR so I guess that sorta comes with the territory if there is, but there wasn’t anything ridiculous or silly that pulled me from the story. I never threw my book, or my iPod across the room and I fell asleep reading it only to wake up before sunrise to continue. GOOD.

Read it now good and I-know-I’m-over-a-year-behind GOOD.

Now carry on, I’m moving on to Tiago.

As for the cover-because I always comment on the cover— as a total cover whore. I love the design, it’s a beautiful cover. But that isn’t Dragos.

That looks like a kid compared to the Dragos of my dreams. described in the book.


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