THE SAINT — Tiffany Reisz — a review

THE SAINTUM. This. So much this. This is the only book I brought home from #RT14. Now let me preempt this fangirling for a sec with the following caveat: Tiffany and I are friends, social media level of friendship? IRL+1 We hang at cons and do stuff away from the usual. But I was a fangirl first and foremost. I found Tiffany Reisz through a Harlequin freebie (at the time… I THINK) called SEVEN DAY LOAN (It’s now been retitled THE GIFT) and it’s the story of Daniel. I read it… then basically strong-armed all of my social media besties to do the same. It got ridiculous.

So there.

But here’s the deal with this book. It’s difficult to read. It’s beautiful to read. It’s painful to read. Tiffany is intelligent, brilliant and masterful. In fact the depth, understanding and brilliance (same word different version SHHH) she includes in her storytelling is unparalleled in my smallish world.

This story has triggers, read the information first if you have triggers.

This is the fifth full novel in the ORIGINAL SINNERS series, the first book in the WHITE YEARS quartet which follows the RED YEARS in publication, but not in real time. Well, sorta. (very STAR WARS of her)

Personally? Tiffany always manages to incorporate and touch themes that are deeply rooted and welled in my existence. The writing is passionate, well-crafted in a not-at-all-obvious but HOLY-SHIT-DID-YOU-SEE-WHAT-SHE-DID-THERE? way.

I’ve never been comfortable lying/laying *wink* on a proverbial bed of nails… but these books make it an experience you simply cannot wait to endure and relish. Because you MUST relish it.

I reread one scene four times over… a scene I knew was coming. A scene I have known existed for… YEARS now, something she has alluded to before (as much of this book is the realization of allusions from her previous works— remember STAR WARS? last three, first three?) and the reality of the scene was simply SO MUCH MORE. Just… more.

Søren. After reading the early novellas and I think THE SIREN… boy howdy did I hate the man. Tiffany told me to wait. Tiffany told me I would love him, I just had to be patient.

I was patient.

I love him. He is easily one of the most complex and incredible characters in fiction today. Please PLEASE do not make a movie from these books because I promise I will go all kinds of fangirl crazy on someone for destroying the man who transcends even the words on the page, words that simply cannot contain him, but must be supplemented with pieces of your own heart.

Nora, God love her.

Eleanor… God love her.

Nico… oh holy hell.

KING. Now listen… that man. THAT MAN… I just can’t even. I just… He stole so many scenes with only a few words. Words like: “I could lose my watch inside you.” Just… oh hell, really King? You only just met and… yeah. I have no IDEA how I will survive until the next book: THE KING. Because I just can’t. CANNOT. Honest to God Kingsley screams onto the page leaving rubber down in his wake every damn time he shows up. Maybe I’m just partial. Also? Drunk Søren is pretty damned amazing.

I could go onandonandon but I’ll stop.

I received a free advanced reader copy of this book from Tiffany at #RT14 in New Orleans. Just FYI. But I also preordered it months ago. You should do that too… LIKE NOW.

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  1. Cassandras says:

    I so so so can’t wait for it! Your tweets driving me nuts as well!

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