Warrick — Illustrated

I know, twice in one week. It’s nuts, right?



Well here we go.

If you haven’t noticed, I republished both of my books without the illustrations in April, in advance of Warrick being released in May. My hope was to reach an entirely new audience, one that may have been put off by the idea of the illustrations. It worked, and I reached a lot of new people, which I’m incredibly excited about. So if you made it here because you got The Rake and The Recluse when it was free, WELCOME, and thank you for joining us.

You may have no idea that my books were originally illustrated, but they were.

Warrick released in this same format on May the 4th, in the meantime, I was shooting and laying out the illustrated version. The fact is, if the illustrated books don’t take off, if Warrick doesn’t take off in the illustrated form, he will be the final book I illustrate. Because I loved his story so very much, I threw everything I had into these shoots, and they were incredible. I am in awe and so very VERY proud of every image included in this book. I think I truly hit my stride with the illustrations with this book. Rule of three’s I suppose.

But illustrating novels costs a great deal of money, and of course the biggest retailer for eBooks, Amazon, charges me download fees determined by file size, so th ebook on Amazon doesn’t make much money.

This is the reason why the book will only be available from iBooks for the first two weeks. I make a greater royalty selling the book for almost 50% off at iBooks, than I will once it hits Amazon. Also, once it’s up on Amazon, I won’t be able to discount it anywhere, because Amazon will price match any sales and keep the majority of my royalties. It’s an ugly truth, and one I really hesitated to share, but i wanted to make sure my readers, you guys, knew WHY I was keeping it off of Amazon in the beginning.

My hope is that everyone will grab it off of iBooks while it’s cheaper and exclusive. I know there are ways to side-load files on Kindles… so hopefully that can be done here as well.

I’ll have links for iBooks soon, they’re checking the files as we speak, then it will be up for preorder. (I also can’t put up a preorder at Amazon, because that would also get price-matched)

That’s the story.


*hugs and smooches*



One Response to “Warrick — Illustrated”
  1. Gala says:

    We need Madeline and Dr. Wyntors story.


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