Covers covers covers!

I recently updated my book covers and decided to talk a little bit about that process.

Since I’m a photographer I get to be fully involved in the entire process from concept to execution. It makes me pretty lucky.

I had a custom image shoot in November, and part of that was shooting a few images for my upcoming novel The Heir and The Spare which is the story of Calder and Quinn.

My concept was based on an image I saw a while ago that I absolutely loved. My favorite part of the image was the finger on the cane the man held. It was delicate and menacing and amazing and it spoke to me as the personality of the Calder.

His cover is the first cover in which I don’t have some sort of clinch, but I absolutely love it because it speaks to his character so perfectly.


See that finger? This image is ALL ABOUT THAT FINGER. And perhaps the white riding breeches, the lining seams, and the hint of riding boots. But only a little. Mostly it’s about that finger.

P.S. Calder is now available for preorder. He’ll be making his debut in April 2016, but the beginning of his book will be released exclusively in the COMPENDIUM which is coming February 5, 2016 and available for preorder everywhere NOW.

4 Responses to “Covers covers covers!”
  1. ki pha says:

    Ohhh~ I’m loving it! That finger makes him look delicate and loving, plus, good with his hands? 😉


  2. Great cover – you’re so lucky getting to be involved right from the beginning!


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