That’s right is is MY birthday but I’m going hobbit on y’all and giving you the presents!

The compendium is out TODAY at a super low price at $2.99, that’s a buck a book!

You can’t get this deal anywhere. The books as listed are nearly $15 total (as long as Google is trying to kill me)

So grab your copy, gift it to a friend, and share the links everywhere!

In the meantime, have a few smexy images from the books, because I love you and we are going to hobbit this birthday to the ground.





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The first three novels in the Lords of Time World:

The Rake and The Recluse

The Duke and The Baron

The Duke and The Domina

Four complete HEAs! Almost 1600 pages of reading happiness.

The Lords of Time world is a Victorian saga that revolves around the Trumbull family. The stories are varied in sub-genre, but include time-travel, ménage, submission and domination, historical romance, marriage of convenience (and inconvenience), dukes, barons, and a dominatrix.

The primary themes are rescue and acceptance with an overarching theme of absolute surrender to the power of love and what that can do for a damaged soul.

The men are powerful, but the women are stronger and they bring their heroes to their knees.

Compendium includes an EXCLUSIVE excerpt for The Spare and The Heir : CALDER coming Spring 2016


AVAILABLE AT A VERY LOW $2.99 until FEBRUARY 14th 2016!








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