I wanted to introduce everyone to Calder. I know you know who he is if you’ve read the books—he’s been in all of them. But I wanted to tell you a little more about who he is.


collectorcard-2.5inx3.5in-v-frontCalder is one of my favorite characters of all time. He’s dedicated, strong, true, brave, brilliant, and strong. He’s the one who keeps everyone on task, who keeps the family real, who reminds everyone that whatever they face, together it can be managed.


He was a strength for Rox and for Perry, he was Warrick’s closest friend (if Warrick were to trust anyone enough to have friends). He loves his family like nobody else and would do anything for them.

Part of the reason why is because he feels like he has nothing to lose. His reckless abandon when it comes to dealing with situations comes down to that fact that he truly doesn’t believe he really has anything to lose.


He doesn’t want the constraints of his title because his title is keeping him from being the person he wants to be. His title means he must marry, and provide heirs to the crown. But Calder… he doesn’t want any of that. To marry some poor woman who would only come to hate him because he could never love her the way she certainly deserved to be loved? It’s a terrible thing to foist upon anyone. And so Calder moves through life under the assumption that if something happened to him, perhaps it would be for the better.

Because Calder…he has loved Quinn for most of his life. He doesn’t remember a moment when he didn’t love him and he can’t imagine a life in which he can’t be with him.


Until now.


Everything he is, is wrapped up in the person he wants. It’s a bone deep knowledge that they belong together and causes a pain so visceral he leaves London rather than face it.

Because Quinn is to be married, and since it isn’t to him… Calder doesn’t see much point is staying around.


Calder is one of the heroes in The Trouble With Grace and The Spare and The Heir, coming September 13th, 2016 available for preorder now.

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2 Responses to “Calder”
  1. Hi Jenn, I believe you are one of the best, you set me ablaze. Question, is ” The Heir ” a separate book? Book Three? If so how do I purchase it? I’m very confused about the series line up and where “The Trouble With.Grace” follows. I certainly don’t want to miss Calders own book. Is the “The Heir” illustrated, January, 2016, realease date. NB I’m going through a big divorce law suit, and reading “Duke and Dominia” gave me inspiration and guidance. Damn, I wish I could put those Bull Whips to use on my enemy, I’ll save them for love.


    • Jenn says:

      Desiree, I’m so happy to hear you liked Warrick and Lulu! That’s book 3, book 4 is The Trouble With Grace and book 5 is The Spare and The Heir. They are both available as illustrated novels on iBooks and from The Ripped Bodice in LA (check for all the links)

      Happy reading! Thank you for the love!




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