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    Bringing some Olan Mills 1980 realness to Celeste + Calder + Quinn 
I guess I'm feelin the old school with #StrangerThings and #TheGetDown (which I've already watched 2x in 2 days) 
September 13th exclusively with #iBooks
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Don't forget the party on the 17th of September. Be there. 
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#PictureBooks #RomanceNovel #RomanceNovelCovers Seriously y'all. This girl is the most beautiful girl in the world. 
Have you missed #Warrick and Lulu? 
You might want the new edition. 
Maybe. 💜 In the flight. 
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Self lovin heroes. The master list.

Ok so maybe not THE master, but my master list. I’ll update as I go along and find things. But here’s the rundown. A reader friend NEEDED more men taking themselves in hand, so I set out to twitter and asked for help from all my lovelies there, what did I get?? A GOOD START. … Continue reading

The Trouble With Grace

      About the cover(s):   I couldn’t choose, so there will be four different covers available at the different retailers. Each cover says something a little bit different about our Celeste. About the book:   She must marry… Celeste Moravia Agathe Alain needs to find a husband and she believes Quintin Wyntor will … Continue reading


Researching Victorian Era Travel

My books, of course, are entirely fiction. The people don’t exist beyond my head (and yours) and the things they do, their families and friends… none of it actually exists. OF COURSE NOT. But my books are, at the most basic, all historicals because they are set primarily in Victorian era England. That much is … Continue reading



I have a HUGE announcement for everyone!!! As it happens, I could not tell Calder and Quinn’s story without the help of a woman named Celeste. No, this isn’t another ménage. Celeste will have her own book, her own HFN—and so will Calder and Quinn. Here’s the catch: her story is first. Here’s the good … Continue reading


NEW RELEASE! Erotic Victorian romance author Helen Hardt

Book: Sophie’s Voice Author: Helen Hardt Genre: Victorian era, erotic, historical Release Date – 9th February 2016 Blog Tour 9th -12th February Goodreads Book Link Synopsis Lady Sophie MacIntyre has the voice of an angel, but due to her timid nature, no one ever hears it. After losing a bet to her conniving sister, Sophie … Continue reading


That’s right is is MY birthday but I’m going hobbit on y’all and giving you the presents! The compendium is out TODAY at a super low price at $2.99, that’s a buck a book! You can’t get this deal anywhere. The books as listed are nearly $15 total (as long as Google is trying to kill … Continue reading

Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow!

Only ONE day left until the release of the COMPENDIUM!!   I’m so excited! This release day is the best birthday present EVER! All my gals and guys in one big book at a super special price. Please GRAB it, GIFT it, SHARE it! Give the love (literally) of the Lords of Time. *SMOOCHES* J The first … Continue reading



Only TWO days left until the release of the COMPENDIUM!! I think the most exciting for me, beyond the exclusive content, is sharing the first three books in the LORDS of TIME WORLD in one very special edition at one ridiculously low price. Share it, gift it, grab it, but don’t let this deal pass you by! … Continue reading

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Only THREE days left until the release of the COMPENDIUM!! What are you most excited for? I’m most excited to hear what everyone thinks of the opening of THE SPARE AND THE HEIR which is being released EXCLUSIVELY in the Compendium!   $2.99 for a very limited time!   *smooches*  J The first three novels in the … Continue reading

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