Victory Rolls

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We have been planning this shoot since last September. It kept getting pushed back with the craziness of the illustration shoots. But we finally got in the studio for some fun time. I had Melinda in studio as AD, and my daughter Auberry worked as grip once again. Fun.


One of the most lovely, amazing souls I have ever met was married to another lovely and amazing soul this past summer. I was just lucky enough to be there to capture some moments, and the beauty of one of my best friends. I posted some of her images already, but we (Cora and I) … Continue reading

Everything’s coming up Rosie

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I had a studio shoot this evening for this awesome good vs. evil triptych composite I am working on with a new model. It looks to be alot of fun. My usual AD was out of town (she moved to London, how terribly inconvenient!) So I called in one of my besties to stunt double. … Continue reading

Back in the swing.

©2010 Jenn LeBlanc

It is really hard to get back after that last post. Everytime I come to blog it is the first thing I see and just stops me in my tracks, still. So I thought I would jump in easy with a recent image from my flight to Seattle. I love this image, even with the … Continue reading

San Francisco

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I have been in California for nine days now, a bit of the self-imposed assignment, a bit of the underpaid gig, and a bit of the vacay. It has been really nice. Hubband came along for the first leg, and the serious vacay stuff. It was a nice easy kind of vacation, one where we … Continue reading

Picking pockets

My friend Cora has a new blog to check out, so you should. In the meantime if you see her out shooting a wedding I’ll give you $10 to pick her pocket and bring me her wallet, she needs to learn to keep that thing stowed!

More Wild Portraits

P.S. This is what happens when you put a bunch of crazy girls in front of a camera. Actually, my house looks like this just about any time.

Wild Berry

More to come…

Prayer Candles


I was asked to photograph the memorial service for a beloved mother. It is traditional in many cultures to pay respect, and remember their loved ones with photographs not merely in life, but also in death. The service was beautiful, the family was wonderful and welcoming, and it was not at all the experience a … Continue reading