More or Less – of Daniel


The Art of Illustration

The following image is an illustration of three, possibly four people. Daniel, Anya and Eleanor, characters from a novel, and a little bit of me. Though in general I don’t add myself to images, in this one, since it was done as fan art for the author, I did, albeit in a very subtle way. … Continue reading


test shots… We’ll be shooting again in a couple weeks. Quick and dirty style.

Studio? Studio.

Studio blue flower prtrait

Zombie Bride!!

Zombie wreck the wedding dress

Best wreck the dress ever. EVER. No really. Brava to this beautiful bride for giving up her heirloom dress to the zombie fantasy wreckage. Husband, Cory Casciato runs The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, and there had been talk (momentarily) of a zombie wedding, though it ended up being just a flash mob wedding. (like JUST a … Continue reading

Return of the zombies

So I have been looking forward to the zombie shoot for months. Literally. I had so much to consider in the planning this shoot, I mean the precedent for zombie art is huge. There are so many different styles and takes on zombies, starting with Night of the Living Dead, and moving forward exponentially, particularly … Continue reading

Victory Rolls

Beautiful, victory rolls, hair, pinup, redhead, red,

We have been planning this shoot since last September. It kept getting pushed back with the craziness of the illustration shoots. But we finally got in the studio for some fun time. I had Melinda in studio as AD, and my daughter Auberry worked as grip once again. Fun.

This was my year.

I actually did a post for the decade, since it has been one giant whammy of a decade. But I scrapped that post. I know where I’ve been and what it took to get here, and if you know me you know that story as well. So here is my year. I won’t say it’s … Continue reading


The Iris Phototbooth made an appearance at the Wellington Webb Building in downtown Denver this week. As always, the photo booth is a good time, this was no exception. This time we used the changeable backdrops, grey, black and supergreen. The hands down stars of this session were Benjamin Weeda and Brendan Landry of the … Continue reading

A place with some stuff…

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