Sports Portfolio

Since the single most popular freelance gig I get in Denver is sports, I figured I would add a little sample of my sports portfolio. I’m still working on the exact selections. I need more Friday night lights, and I haven’t narrowed down my swimming, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and some others yet. I was thinking … Continue reading

Friday Night Lights

I am passionate about photography and I fell into photojournalism quite by accident, but when I fell, I fell hard. Since my graduation with a BA in photojournalism I have worked on the staff of a small community driven group of papers that I fell in love with and was offered two separate staff positions … Continue reading

Chasing cyclists

This is from the Triple Bypass Ride last summer. I chased these cyclists over three mountain passes then on the downside I lay down on the ground behind my tahoe and took these shots of their speedy descent. It was kinda cool until cars and motorcycles passed. Most of the cyclists had smiles on though … Continue reading

Sponge Bob sports booty

I don’t want to update my blog ’cause my niece is so pretty! Ah well, such is life, all things move on. So what picture will I give you today? How about this b-e-a-utiful wrestling picture….names and identifying info withheld, except for sponge bob. You learn alot about kids at wrestling matches.