DAM This is about a year old, but it is hot today, again, and I just wanted something to remind me that the heat will be gone soon. The day I took this it was FRIGID, frozen, brrrr, to the enth degree. Loved the patterns of snow blowing off the building. This image was also … Continue reading

Who knew?

Flamingos get pissy when wet?

Zeus Maximus – What a great Dane

OK OK Cheesy title. But he is a great Dane, and an awesome addition to the family. He was also game for shooting some stock with us.

Shoot the day

So I am participating in this huge “revitilazation of the stock photo industry” of something like that, where they are sending everyone out to shoot everything imaginable, today. I started yesterday. A little education/library/tween shot.

I don’t want to hear it…

I never agreed to update my blog on a timely basis so I don’t wanna hear it. We just returned from Yellowstone…enjoy Lolly had an allergic reaction at the Mud Volcano…no fun. Athsma attack, her nose closed up completely and her eye swelled almost shut. This was an hour after the Benedryl. I never agreed … Continue reading