Bugger it all.

Apologies, my brain is all over the place today, so this post might just follow. I need to blog more often over here. My split personality is going to be the death of me. I though I had conjoined (yeah I said it) my two selves into one with my illustrated novel. But my photo … Continue reading

Ah happy chaos

It has been too long since I have posted here. February. Yipes! I was in seclusion all of March, working on my novel. After three weeks I had the images edited and placed with pull-quotes, all nicely arranged chronologically in a fancy notebook. It is beautiful. I have a complete print of the novel in … Continue reading

Yet another photo shoot

I went through my novel chapter-by-chapter and scene-by-scene yesterday and plotted out the best lines and scenes that screamed out visual. I decided… I need another shoot. So I spoke with my wonderful model today and he is excited for the opportunity to continue with the work. Such good news, because he is so pretty … Continue reading


Hi! Welcome to my new website, dedicated to my writing career which is basically just as new as the website. Well, maybe a bit older, but not by much. Last March I started a novel, I had a vision (no not that kind of vision) I don’t remember whether it was a daydream, or a … Continue reading