My two oldest daughters, Fallon and Auberry.

I’m a geek. I talk golden hour, full-frame/crop, medium format, RGB, B&W, potassium ferricyanide, PMK (pyro-metol-kodalk), Oriental paper, velvia, f-stop, filter, strobe, aperture, logorithms, over/under, push/pull, grain, hyperfocal distance, depth of field, mask, density, 18% grey, MacBeth, densitometer, color head, soup, acetic acid, sodium vapor lamps, ISO, ASA, tilt-shift, ground glass, plates, pinhole, rangefinder, SLR, TLR… Photography … Continue reading


I’ve spent the last few days completely redesigning my website. Before it was just a blog and a portfolio, now it’s more of an actual website, with links for payments and more categorized home page for specific interests. One of the new pages is the ART page. I am particularly excited about this page because … Continue reading

Thoughts on a disaster trip

1. Know who you are going with 2. Know how much crap to take 3. Never underestimate your budget 4. Always have a plan 5. Always be flexible with your plan 6. Know what you need and make sure you have several opportunities to get it 7. Be prepared 8. Be very prepared 9. Expect … Continue reading


It takes alot for me to be thoroughly impressed with a company. I mean, nothing must go wrong. So when I say I am thoroughly impressed with MOO I kid you not, they did a damn good job, at every single thing they did. At this point I don’t remember how I heard of Moo, … Continue reading

Thinking outside the…props

I am working on setting up some location shots for this project, now that spring has sprung and the weather is more like the book…In the meantime, I’ve been faking settings in studio. But studio is all about faking the settings anyway, which is fun. One of the main settings for the book is an … Continue reading

Don’t it make my brown eyes green…

Another issue in the discrepancy between my wonderful model, Derek, and my dreamy leading man, Gideon, is eye color. Gideon has beautiful emerald green eyes. They are described as being viridescent. A light beautiful clear green. *sigh* say the girls. Derek, handsome as he is, has beautiful eyes, but they aren’t green, they are a … Continue reading

Help a shooter out

I posted a bit here on Kickstarter when I first heard about it and thought it would be a phenomenal way to get a documentary project funded, well here we go. The first of my shooter friends from APAD has a project up on Kickstarter and he needs funding. I am excited not only to … Continue reading


I like sharing some of my workflow with people, because when I was coming up I liked to read all the different types of workflow people used, and I still do. I think everyone needs to find their own process, I know I went through a thousand different processes before I became comfortable with my … Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

Every year I try to take my kids to the Denver Zoo for Wild Lights. Thing is, when I was a fine art major I did a slide show (um, old school, actual slides, title slides, programmed tape deck, Wollensak programming unit) on the Denver Zoo for a final. Got an A+. It was fun. … Continue reading


Black athletic tape is a necessity for any camera bag. Gaffers tape is great too, but athletic tape has a touch of elasticity making it an asset for various applications including reattachment of busted parts. I discovered this at the state wrestling tourney, when the foot of my strobe snapped. The only thing available was … Continue reading