The Duke and The Baron – book 2

The Duke and The Baron : book 2

A secret that could destroy her…

Lady Amelia fears that her darkest secret will come to light, destroying her in society. She hopes to secure her future by marrying Charles Jackson, Duke of Castleberry. Planning to come between Amelia and the Duke, Amelia’s oldest friend, Baron Endsleigh longs to have Amelia as his own.

Ender is determined that nothing can stop him, not even a duke as powerful as Castleberry. But the Duke has other plans and he wants Amelia to himself… Charles will not rest until he destroys the one thing Amelia loves the most in this world–Baron Endsleigh. Now it’s up to Amelia to choose between the one man she speaks her mind to and the other who holds her desire.

Unless….can the three of them find a common ground, one that pushes the boundaries but keeps them bound by the heart with want and passion?


Main Characters: 


Charles Henry Tristan Jackson, Duke of Castleberry (Jacks)

Hubert Percival Alexander Garrison, Baron Endsleigh (Hugh / Ender)



Trapped between a duke and baron — a woman finds a third option to happiness, by bestselling erotic romance by Jenn LeBlanc




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New York Times bestselling authorCathy Maxwell: “Intriguing. Sensual. Complicated with all those things we call love. And completely original.”

Kati on Amazon: “If you’re looking for a book that will make you think, make you laugh, make you sigh, and make you giggly in your silly bits, pick up a copy of Absolute Surrender today. A beautifully crafted romance that defies everything you would expect in a historical romance.”

Ms. LeBlanc does an incredible job of capturing the troubled and misunderstood mind of Amelia.

What begins as the classic friends to lover’s trope, Absolute Surrender adds a dash of mental instability, the clash of the titles (The Baron v.s. The Duke), and one seriously complicated threesome. There were scenes that were definitely “lick” worthy, and I’ll be surprised if those scenes don’t play in my head over and over.

The one thing that resonated with me the most is Amelia’s condition. I am thrilled to see a book that doesn’t shy away from demonstrating not only the inner turmoil of a troubled mind, but how do the characters witnessing this sort of behavior respond to the incidences that occur.”

“I truly enjoyed this book. It was not your normal historical romance or your normal romance at all for that matter. These were real people who weren’t “perfect” trying to make it work in a world where you were expected to be “perfect” and I loved that. This book was a true ménage in a way that very few authors can write. It was realistic in that not everyone felt sexual attraction to everyone else, specifically the two men felt attraction to the woman but not each other, but everyone had a love for each other. This to me is much more realistic than most that I have read. I loved the fact that they—Hugh and Charles—Loved Amelia despite her imperfections and worked together to help her. The struggle and love in this story was so real you could almost feel it. I loved this book I don’t even know how to explain how much I did.”

“Jenn LeBlanc has done it again!

Absolute Surrender was an amazingly hot, sexy read. I was hooked from the very first words and didn’t come up for air, food or sleep until I read the very last words.”










  • Published: 2014
  • Publisher: Jenn LeBlanc
  • Awards: 2014 BOOKIE : Best Historical (by readers)


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